Thursday, December 17, 2020

Review Diaries (Cocktail by Antara Sarkar)

 Ever had that problem with a story that didn't make a mark in your mind?

Like you read and finished but nothing stuck with you or made you think?
This will not be a problem if you give this collection of short stories a read.
Each story took me less than 20 mins to finish and boy were they thought provoking.
Each of them choose to concentrate on a different emotions or even agenda but then result was the same, you kept churning the stories in your mind.
Like what happened after this, did it work?
Did it open more doors?
Were they each other's destiny or actual star crossed...
And so many more questions...
I had an exam today and took little breaks in between revisions last night to finish this one.
Ps when was the last time a story made you feel this way?