Saturday, July 25, 2020

Review Diaries (Once There Was Me)

This is the second book I am reading by the author and like the first one this one too made me feel a plethora of feelings.
Partition is something that I have heard a lot about from my grandparents, so that has always been a sore subject for me to read or heard about.
Also as a person who is not only religious but also spiritual as well, I believe that love is love and no one is a bad person they make bad choices that not only effect them but others as well.
Now coming back to the story, it was one of those stories that kept you on your toes, with the good-the bad-and the very heart breaking.
There were many things that were mentioned here that I knew about, but somethings were new and opened my eyes to the back stories of certain historical events.
This semi autobiography has made me a fan of non-fiction as well. Fiction will always have a special place in my heart, but from now onwards I will keep an open mind about non fiction as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Review Diaries (Nineteen by Anuj Tikku)

There are times when you start a book with a feeling that it's going to be a good read and that's what happened withe regarding this book.
It's raining like there's no tomorrow for the past of couple of days in Calcutta and I couldn't stress enough about my utter dislike of this natural phenomenon.
So in the middle of the day, with all the lights turned on I grabbed my blankie, got myself some green tea and started this one.
I started this book after a day full of reading for my exam and boy oh boy this one I finished in record time. The book started with a few introductions and I thought it might be a slow book but nopes it was a roller-coaster ride all the way. Many of the characters seemed liked they were inspired by real life people. I took not a single break and trust me you wouldn't be able to as well once you start this book.
The characters are so well formed, like doesn't matter how many pages you are in but every character will make sense to you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Life Diaries (Done with Love special)

This is me flying kissing goodbye to ever finding my true love...
Cause dating advise from friends start mostly like...Girl be yourself, but a very watered down version please... 
1. You be too nice you get friend zoned and will end you hearing all about the next girls he will ever date.
2. You become too mean, he will run away and never look back.
And then there are my absolute favorites.
3. Don't flirt like you would, flirt like one of Jack's French girls...cause otherwise you will end up making a full blown chicken roast out of the poor guy and people will find him rocking himself in the corner of a dark room mumbling your jokes to himself and crying for his momma.
4. Don't be too friendly and call the guy bro, you will end up being bro-zoned(trust me it's an absolute horrible place to be).
5. Don't be too cute cause then you will become baby-zoned(like bro-zoned but this is like the children's version of a sugar-baby relationship, works for some but so not for me- been there-done that-burnt that bridge).
6. Finally don't be all of the above.
Yes, I am that capable that I can be all of the above in a blink of an eye.
Incidentally I had a crush some time back and tried being all this, but alas... I don't think it's working. Either my crush meter is broken or I have a seriously bad type.
Either way I am done!
Done and done...
In other news I have again started writing, so crazy cat lady life here I come...