Monday, December 31, 2018

Review Diaries (The Code Of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi)

The Code Of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi

About the book-
Book one of the Maha Vishnu Trilogy, The Code of Manavas, is set some two million years past ad 2050, when earth as we know it ceased to exist and so did mankind. A new race, the Manavas, now exists on Bhoomi, the erstwhile Earth, which is divided into two cities—Madhavpur and Ayudhpur. In the quiet and peaceful city of Madhavpur, a reclusive Krishna is busy with an immense task. He has to prepare a new abode for the Manavas before an impending apocalypse destroys them. He knows something that nobody else does—the Manavas are running out of time faster than they can imagine and there are no inhabitable planets to escape to. To make matters worse, there is someone in Madhavpur who wants to destroy Krishna and subjugate each Manava. The Manavas, it seems, are doomed. Yet Krishna knows there is a slim chance of survival for the Manavas, although there is a huge price to be paid for it. Will the various factions of the Manavas unite for the greater good? Will Krishna, who saved them during the turn of the last Yuga, be able to save them now? What will be the price to pay? Enter the mythical world of Maha Vishnu and get swept up in a fast-paced suspenseful narrative.

We have all heard about global warming and how it's effecting our earth and how in the long run it will do us all in. Right?
We have also read the conspiracy theories and the 'conspiracy theories'. But this book is very different, it tells the story of the world that comes after world we now know is no more. It's long after our earth is no more and this new earth called Bhoomi has come into existence. If one has to give a rough estimation it will come around 2 million years past 2050. Man, the most modern one at that has been replaced by Manavas but his problems remain the same. At least if one concentrates at the very basic points.
We have a smart and interesting and very intuitive chap, Krishna. And take my word for it, you would love to have a chat with him but given he is not busy with his work or thinking about Radhika.
I enjoyed this book alot. Technically it marks the end of 2018 for me, which is incidentally a big coincidence. Not saying anything more, cause otherwise I will start giving spoilers.
In short, me a not so big lover of Lord Krishna, really loved him here and that deserves a big 5 on 5 stars.
Would also love to thank @arpitbakshi  @rupa_publications and @readersarcadia for this wonderful book

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Review Diaries (The Werewolf Prince And I By: Marian Tee)

The Werewolf Prince And I By: Marian Tee

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am a romantic, a big, fat, idiotic rom-com loving moron who loves living in her dream world. They will be absolutely true in their deduction. I am a silly willy romantic fool and will want to be no one else.
And that my friends is my new year resolution for next year, to be myself and indulge in decadent narssissim all year round.
Now coming back to the book, Marian Tee is love. I have read a lot of her books but honestly I love Domenico Moretti most. I know, I know, I am not supposed to have favorites and say they are all good but nopes not gonna happen. I love Domenico, he is the kind of person who I see myself falling in love with, scratch that I am in love with him. Not cause he is perfect, but cause of all his imperfections. He is too arrogant, too stubborn, too ruthless, too pretty (yeaps you heard it right, my Dom Dom is a pretty boy), but I will accept him with all his warts and boils and drool-worthy abs and riches.
Today I read
1. The Werewolf Prince And I - Book 1.
2.A ROYAL HEARTBREAK-The Werewolf Prince and I, Book 2
Given a chance I will collect all the books in this series, my Domenico has lots of siblings you see and so does Misty(his darling wife), and read them again and again cause they will make you fall in love and raise your standards incredibly high, cause if someone doesn't love you with everything they are then is it even love?
Ps books like this are the reason I think I will die single but happily in love.
QOTD - What's your new year's resolution?
AOTD - As I mentioned before I am gonna put my best foot forward and love myself like I love chocolates.
#paranormalromances #werewolflove #MorettiPrince #lovestory #booksarelove #newyearresolution #selflove #narssissim #chocolate

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Review Diaries (Two Leaves And A Bud by M A Chacko)

Growing up, I have had always heard of a lot about the then political scenarios and how it would effect the future. I had no clue what they meant and found it very easy to ignore them. But reading Two Leaves And A Bud by M. A. Chacko has helped me join the dots.
About the book-
In Two Leaves And A Bud, M. A. Chacko shares his rich insights into the lives of the Syrian Christian community of India. Three distinct stories weave their magic in this novel: The first, The Faithful Husband, stars Seby, a true Sunday Christian, who has acquired land from the Malabar Namboodiris and contrives to retain the land for his family, using any means.

The protagonist of the second book is a young Catholic boy from Kerala, who sets off for greener pastures to earn a living as a construction worker. Chacko fluently discusses the interplay of family, values, society, marriage, dowry, and property on the day-to-day life of the community.

The Holiday, the final book in this trilogy, is a day in the life of Raymond, who wanders through old haunts in Goa on his day off. With its leisurely pace and graceful style, The Holiday gently touches ethics, culture, politics and religion in this multi-cultural tourist hotspot.

Now my take on it-
As I said before, I was noy very politically inclined nor well informed about any thing politics. But that completely changed when I was in Grad School, big culture shock and all that bling. I then took it upon myself to know about the past and then decided whom to support and whom to reject. The reason I am saying all this is very simple, this book is real. I mean the stories that we are told might even not be fictitious, they are that real and relatable. The stories are about love and greed and intelligence bordering cunningness. It's about society and values and the stark truth of every day life. It's about what goes on in one's mind and how different things are on the 'other side'.
My only problem with the stories where the sudden endings. Otherwise I would have gladly given this wonderful, 'wholesome' book a big 5 on 5 stars. The endings, came too soon at least that's what it was for me. I guess my love hate relationship with short stories continues on.
QOTD - If given a chance to go back in time, what's that one political decision that you would love to change and make it better?
AOTD - How much time you got? I have a long list!
Ps thank you M. A. Chacko and @writersmelon for this amazing book

Monday, December 24, 2018

Review Diaries (Snipers Eye by Mainak Dhar)

QOTD - Do you enjoy watching action movies like The A-Team or The Expandables or are you a rom-com buff?
Me? I love a bit of both. So this book made my day!
It had thrills and chills on one hand annnnnd romance and love and devotion on the other.
Trust me it was like watching a movie but in words!

About the book-
I was out on a date. Everything was perfect… Till that shot… a high-calibre one, no apparent sound. And, the man in front of me fell. A rifle with a suppressor? A sniper in the middle of a Mumbai mall? As the body count mounted, I was soon sucked deeper into the chaos unleashed by that shot. To survive and save those whom I care about, I have to become the man I left behind. I have no choice but to tap into a bloody past that has put me on the terror kill list. I may also have no option but to join hands with the sniper terrorising Mumbai. The problem is that the man has sworn to kill me. In a world where the young and poor kill and die in conflicts started by the old and rich, I and my unlikely companion finally discover the thin line that separates a mere killer from a hero. This is our story…

My take-
I really really really liked it. The cover, for one, looks superb! Gives you a small preview of what comes next! A smart hero with a brave soul but tortured past. An intelligent heroine with a heart of gold. And one hell of a super villain who is not what he seems!
So yeah, I loved it.
Trust me you would too.
Ps mine was a signed copy from the author, cause I won #SnipersEye giveaway by @writersmelon
Thank you!!!
And this book is a big 5 on 5 star.
Ps @mainakdhar Sir, does  actually exist?
If he does can I have his number?
I have a friend (read me) who will be prefect for him.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Review Diaries (Tea Time For The Jilted Lover by Prachi Sharma)

Tea Time For The Jilted Lover by Prachi Sharma
Who likes thrillers???
I do.
Who likes an unputdownable book???
Who likes some serious twists and turns???
Again Me.
And if you are saying yes to all these questions, guess which book you would love???
Tea Time For The Jilted Lover by Prachi Sharma.

About the book-
Homi Palsetia is a bestselling and acclaimed thriller writer. Living in a posh bungalow in Pali Hill, he's also single, debonair and charming male, believing only in no-strings attached relationships for fun.

Having just released his seventh book, he feels he's being stalked by a woman who claims to be madly in love with him. He gets blackmailed on the phone, and feels someone is visiting him at night, spying on him.

The media says he's faking it to promote his book. He himself can't be sure.Things get more complicated when Czech-Spanish acclaimed author Alyna Escobar, from Castilla in Spain, comes into his life. Intelligent, bold and beautiful, she challenges his ways & makes him think about love and commitment. However, their camaraderie is threatened by the stalker, who claims to want Homi all for themselves.

Is Homi actually being stalked by an obsessed fan? Or it is part of his imagination? Will he change his Casanova-like ways for Alyna? Will Alyna accept him despite his history with women? If the stalker is real, what do they want? Will the police ever catch them? Will Homi learn their identity?

Now my take on it-
I had real fun with this book. Homi kept reminding me of this twin of mine, who I have recently adopted. I mean who doesn't like a charming guy, who oozes with confidence, is easy on the eye and writes like a Champ. Homi is likeable, may be a little too much. He is one of those broken bad boys who very girl dreams of fixing, without being bad. He drinks tea, (me likey), can cook (me likey even more) and has a chip on his shoulder (me likey way too much). He is someone you really wanna be friends with. Now I loved the narrative and the easy flow of the story. Be it bringing a new character in or exploring their interests, the author has done a good job. The crimes are well executed, opps, I mean explained and the descriptions are very vivid. Inshort I loved it.
So I, Manali Dey, would love to give Tea Time For The Jilted Lover by Prachi Sharma a big hopping 4 out of 5 stars and a big pat on the back. Grear Job!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Review Diaries (Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer by Ryan Suvaal)

QOTD - Do you ever decide to read a book by seeing it's cover or reading the name?
AOTD - Actually this is my answer for as long as I live, hell to the yeah... So when I was asked if I would be interested in this book, I nodded. You might fell like what's so strange about it, you see I was over a mail and I went on nodding cause that's how excited I was. And it was one wild ride!!! It was amazingly beautiful and nerve wreckingly exciting.
About the Book-
Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer: A psychological thriller with a female protagonist by Ryan Suvaal. This psychological thriller with a female protagonist is a short story, 7000 words long. The book is currently available as pre-order on Amazon, and is going live on 21st December this year, across all marketplaces. You can pre book it at  -

Seventeen gruesome killings across the United States, within a span of six months and there was one clear connection among victims. They were all book authors.
While media was decorating the murders with sensationalist stories, and law enforcement was playing catch-up, the homicidal maniac remained elusive and secretive.
Things got very interesting, however, when one day she decided to appear on an internet talk show for an honest fireside chat. Her reason for being on this show was not a quest for fame, but something much more disturbing.
Now my take on it-
I didn't like it or love it, I simply adored it. A female serial killer, who has style and class and sass all working for her... What more can I ask to make it worth my while? Oh I know I know. It's gotta have an amazing story line and good flow and some interesting twists. And guess which boxes this book ticks on... All of them.
I loved it.
Don't believe me? Here's an excerpt from the book-

So, one evening, when we were all in our rooms, my foster mom sent a WhatsApp message to my foster grandpa that read, “Let’s eat, Grandpa,” an innocuous message to call Grandpa downstairs for dinner. He liked to have dinner early. Except she made two mistakes. First, instead of sending this to Grandpa, she sent it to our internal family group. And, second, she forgot the comma in the message. She sent, “Let’s eat Grandpa.”
Can you see where this is going? Each one of us gets the message, “Let’s eat Grandpa,” just before dinner time. And we were a family of cannibals. You can imagine what happened after that. A small grammatical mistake can lead to disastrous outcomes.

This was an awesome read that gets 7 out of 5 stars!!! I heart you, girl (from the book of course).

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review Diaries (The Slut Chronicles by Kritika Sharma)

Book - The Slut Chronicles by Kritika Sharma
I am loud, brash and opinionated but rarely judgemental,cause I believe no one has the right to judge any other human being if they haven't walked in the former's shoes and led their life. And slut shaming, oh wow! Those creepy people have their very special spot booked right next to Satan when time comes. *deep breath in and out *
I was very intrigued by the title and ended up giving it a read. I had to stop quite a number of times to drink water and cool myself but the girl from the book did me proud.

About the book- “What is love, if not a passionate heartbreak?” Nothing makes Ishana lose her facade except for the word ‘slut’. When someone slut shames her, she smashes his head and becomes headlines again.
She is at the apex of her career but people are not ready to accept her boldness. Her strengths force them to dwell on their own weaknesses. However what no one knows is that her road to success is full of treachery and emotional hell.
Join Ishana as she narrates her story to an oblivious journalist. It is a roller coaster ride full of love, passion, emotions, betrayal and ‘slut shame’. Are you ready to endure the truth of her life?

My take on the book-
Book 1 has raised my expectations to a level where I am waiting for the next one to come out like my life depends on it. Ishana can be any girl we know, hell it can even be one of us who have trusted our teenage crushes with our tender hearts and they all but trampled on it cause they weren't capable enough to handle precious heart cargo in the first place. I have also been in her friends' place and defended my friend's honor but honestly one thing I have learnt after seeing my friends' relationships and it's that if you don't wanna see the truth - no one can make you.
So needless to say I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.
This book deserves a big 5 on 5 star and a pat on the back. You go girl!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Review Diaries (An Autumn Turmoil by Sourabh Mukherjee)

An Autumn Turmoil by Sourabh Mukherjee.
Status - 5 on 5 stars.
I am a Bengali, born and brought up in Calcutta. So this story is something I can relate to, on more than a 100 levels.
Synopsis -

Durga Puja is two weeks away and Kolkata is ready to burst into festivities. Abhishek arrives in Kolkata from Australia, along with his wife Atreyee. Shubho, an Engineering student, is his cousin. Atreyee is in desperate search of the passion that is missing in her marriage. Shubho loves his childhood sweetheart Jhimli, but finds the thrill missing in their relationship of years.
When Shubho and Atreyee meet, sparks fly. But what starts off as a secret festival romance soon gives way to jealousy and possessiveness. Will their passionate autumn romance change the lives of Shubho and Atreyee forever?

My take on it-
As I said before this story is something that talks about something very close to my heart. The rest of the world talks about Summer Time Love, while we Bengalis have our festive love times, like Durga Puja and Swaraswati Puja. Growing up I had seen many such festive love stories bloom, some made their way to a happily ever after, while others choose the never ever option. And the curious cat that I am always wanted to know what really happened. Many a times I got the story, while at others I was told I was too little to understand which is just a polite way of saying 'mind your own business'. But this story out here gives me closure, for all those times I didn't know what went wrong.
This is story about love, the one's we love, the one's who love us and finally the one's we would love to love. Give it read, trust me you will love it too.
So, I, Manali Dey will gladly give An Autumn Turmoil by Sourabh Mukherjee a big 5 on 5 stars and some much sort after rosogolla, read the book you will know what I mean.

Here’s tge link... 

An Autumn Turmoil

Friday, November 30, 2018

Review Diaries(The Gift by Sourabh Mukherjee)

Name of the book - The Gift by #SourabhMukjerjee
Status - 5 stars out of 5 stars plus a bag full of candies...
Synopsis -
After his bitter break-up with girlfriend Ishika, Aarav heads for his ancestral house in Mussoorie to get over his grief and to finish the novel he is working on. He meets Kishan, a child who has strayed into the house and spends his nights in the dusty, dark attic, scavenging through old books and toys that once belonged to Aarav and his cousins. Aarav finds his uncle’s diary, which chronicles a heart-warming love story unfolding in that house. What life-changing family secret does Aarav uncover...
My Take-
I loved it. The book is not even 50 pages, 45 if you count the contents pages but the story is of some 39 pages. So essentially it should be called a short story, right? WRONG! In those pages the writer has not only described his situation or his uncle’s but he has essentially drawn a picture so vivid that one gets it all in one go. The descriptions are so life like, it's almost like seeing it all happen in front of you.
There are two parts in the story which are woven together with some really good writing craftsmanship.
And some parts were so goosebump worthy that I had to stop for a second to check if someone was looking at me.
All in all this is one of those must reads, that you havta havta havta read. Don't take my word for it, go check it out yourself. 

Here's the link-

An Autumn Turmoil

This book has the thrill of a short story with the essence & fulfillment of a novel.
So, I, Manali Dey will love to give The Gift by Sourabh Mukherjee a big 5 on 5 stars and lots of candy.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Review Diaries (An Old Enchantment by Amanda Browning)

An Old Enchantment by Amanda Browning.
Book 1 on my Mills and Boons #readathron and incidentally it's also the first Mills and Boons book I read when I started reading them during my first year in college.
Synopsis -
Maxi was the black sheep of the family, and her return was not welcomed. What hurt was her father's and sister Fliss's frostiness - that of Kerr Devereaux was of no consequence to her : he could believe the same, Maxi had to agree to Kerr's suggestion that they appear to be lovers. What was strange was his kiss - it was so familiar. And what was alarming was that she liked it - very much...
So back to my take on this book, I love it. Not only cause it was my first M & B but also cause it was an adorable romance. As we all know there are many different kinds of M & B s like Romance, Desire, Doctors, Royalty etc. My favorite till date is Romance. And this book has it in spades.
A strong heroine, who doesn't need some prince to save her. And on the other side of the ring we have a handsome hunk, with a huge chip on his shoulder. And whenever they are together sparks fly!!!
But wait, this isn't all sugar, spice and everything nice. There are bad men, silly jealous sisters and stiff-upper lipped fathers.
All in all, this brings back a lot of nostalgia cause I am pretty sure I ended up imagining my own Mr. Right to be like this chap.
So I, Manali Dey, will love to give An Old Enchantment 5 on 5 stars. Trust me, you will love it.
QOTD - How do you imagine your soul mate be?
AOTD - I want someone who understands, respects and encourages me. Cause anyone can fall in love with me (wink to the narssissist in me), cause I am too darn cute, but I need someone who not only rolls with my crazy but also knows when to rell me in.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Review Diaries (Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath)

Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath.
Do you like thrillers?
Do you love yourself some strong women characters?
Do you enjoy taking down evil people who should be shot at sight?
If you answered yes to all the above questions then give this book a read.
Every time I come across a fast paced plot I become a bit apprehensive about the handling and hope that I don't miss out on any interesting stuff. But this one was a treat.
And the twists, oh my my!!!
They were amazing.
Quick QOTD - Are you someone with very little patience and are guilty of jumping to the last chapter to see if your predictions were correct?
Answer- I am guilty as charged.
But even if you are, guess what!
You can't skip this one to the end, cause it's un-skipable.
So I, Manali Dey, will love to give Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath a big candy filled - 5 on 5 stars.
Good work!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Review Diaries (Regular Porridge by Sukanya Basu Mallik)

Question of the day - Have you ever been cut to ribbons by something you read?
I think that's not just the question of the day, it's more of a question of a life time.
I still remember the when I had my first brush up with war poems, Seigfried Sassoon. Our teacher had asked us to find one movie or story that potrays what war is for us. I choose' Saving Private Ryan', I still remember getting a star for my project.
But Regular Porridge by Sukanya Basu Mallik made me cry. Wars are fought not only by the soldiers, it effects the people around the war zone too.
For the past couple of days I have been caught up with things in a very materialistic way. You see it's my birthday coming up but now I feel so shallow about it all. I mean just imagine what can we do if suddenly our hometown is an active war zone.
The poems don't just make you feel things, it makes you realize that to never take peace and quite for granted.
I did love this book and given my deep love for poems I will gladly give Regular Porridge 5 on 5 and Sukanya Basu Mallik a warm hug. If I an this emotional just reading it, I can't imagine what you went through writing it all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Review Diaries (Love is for life and beyond by Yashwant Kanodia)

They say love is blind, that loves does not hold a grudge and forgives all. And that's the best way to describe Love is for life and beyond by Yashwant Kanodia. It's about best friends and family, it's about medical emergencies and it's aftermath it's about heartbreak and solace.
The protagonist is a young chap, who sounds a lot like many of my friends. Ambitious yet with principles , dreams high but is grounded. With his first love, he shares all his firsts but gets caught up in life.
I have seen way too many relationships like this one where people on both sides end up driving each other further and further away without realizing what they did wrong. Sometimes they take solace in work, while at other times they find it in the warmth of someone else's. It can be a sibling or a friend or a new relationship 'opportunity'.
I have been kinda harsh for I find cheating to be the worst sin ever. The world is filled with many beautiful blessings but when you commit to someone you should stick to it. There are problems everywhere but that doesn't justify cheating, like never ever.
The story being from only one point of view gives the boy's story so for me even with a happy ending it feels like its still unfinished. So, I, Manali Dey will love to give this book a hooping 4 on 5 stars. 
QOTD- Can you forgive someone for cheating on you?
AOTD- I don't think so. Knock wood. I hope when I am finally in a relationship, it has honesty and courage so that we can talk about anything and everything under the sun, including our missed out communications or wayward attraction.
Quick Note- Finding someone attractive is okay but doing something about it is evil and demented.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Review Diaries (The Alpha Yeti by SUM?)

Question of the day - Do you sit a place and read or like me you dance around the whole house when  you read a book that's really good and your excitement is too high to hide?
Book- The Alpha Yeti by SUM
Status - 5 on 5 and a big Yipeee!!!
Yeah no points for guessing I loved this book.
My name is Manali and for those of you who don't know Manali is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It's beautiful and cool and mesmerizing and whenever I visit there I get free ice-creams. I have always been very curious and inquisitive. I would roam about and wander all around and make friends with strangers. My parents were worried so my Nani read me the story of the evil Yeti who eats little girls like me or as I was back then. So did it stop me from wandering around, no I just started carrying a paper and pencil so I can ask the Yeti questions.
So when I hear of a book that is called The Alpha Yeti but obviously I was interested. And boy oh boy did the author deliver. It's an exciting first part to what's bound to be an interesting series.
Every character is not only well written but also they are well established. Another thing I really loved about this book is the description of the relationship between a father and daughter. Remember Liam Nelson from Taken, yeah this guy can give him a run for his money.
And the Yeti was... Well I can't go any more in the story or else I will end up giving you spoilers, which I don't want to, cause who doesn't hate spoilers. Not me. I hate spoilers. So off you go and pick up this amazing book by SUM - The Alpha Yeti cause it will blow your mind.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Life Diaries. (Shah Rukh Khan)

I don't love you.
Not when you made my brother your biggest fan ever,
Not when my little sister too got addicted with your fever,
Not when you got both the girl and your best friend,
Not when one-sided love became the latest trend.
Not when you sacrificed your love & saved the country.
Not when you gave up your girl but in her need became a sentry.
Not when you took away my Cricket God's Knights.
Not when you fought for the girl team's rights.
Not when you took revenge with dual eye color,
Not when I broke the TV to bring you back to life, in all my valour.
Not when they said you loved someone else.
Not when others opined that these were just tales.
Not ever, not now, not then, not even one look
I loved you only with each breath I took.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Review Diaries (Tarikshir The Awakening by Khayaal Patel)

Question of the day - Stand alone or Series ?
When I read a book I read, eat, breathe and even sleep it. I imagine it all happening in front on me, not literally infront more like actively happening in my mind. And #Tarikshir takes the cake. Like OH MY GAWD (full Janice voice). The descriptions were amazing. Every single character was well thought out and very well established. It has everything that one expects in an epic. There is a King and Queen and a Prince and a kingdom big and strong. There are villains both living and undead. There are super powered allys and evil magical masters and a little bit of romance too.  I have read my share of modern day twist to old mythological stories of past but this one is the one that everyone should watch out for. A fast paced-page turner, this book will give you a taste of thriller mixed with folk stories and healthy dose of horror.
Nothing will be as it seems and good grief there is a major cliff hanger. Incidentally I finished this on on Halloween. Cue in the scary music.
Personally I loved the book, I enjoyed every single moment I spent with it. But I wanna talk about something IMPORTANT. Like the pros and cons of series VS stand alones with reference to #Tarikshir
Pros- Series are nice. They enlighten and entertain you with a lot if cool news, views and stories.
Cons- There are cliffhangers that make you wanna punch people in the face.
Arghs !!!
In simple words I loved the book and am excited for the next one. Hopefully it will be out soon. #fingerscrossed
So I, Manali Dey, will love to give Tarikshir The Awakening by Khayaal Patel a big 5 on 5 and big bribe of chocolates. Please write the next book soon or at least tell me what happens next.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Review Diaries (The Love Curse or Arrow Heart by Rebecca Sky)

Have you ever been in love?

Wait! I take that back, stupid question.

Of course you have been in love, sometimes it works out while at other times its DISASTROUS. And many a times it's one sided or as I call it first stages of being a masochistic person. And boy oh boy, if you grew up in India with Bollywood blaring it's head off on how wonderful your love is if you suffer for or from or the best of it all have it both. Yeah, if you detect heavy sarcasm there you are right or else I am loosing my sarcastic touch. Darn it!

Anyhu so when you see the love of your life- your lobster- your one and only (at least that's what it felt like for me) not give you much attention, you hope for a miracle so that they too fall for you. You hope for a day when your grandkids would ask him about your love affair, your crush turned husband would proudly say with a coy smile 'Your grandma made me fall for her. One moment I was dating this other chick and then poof! I see your grandma and it was like magic.' and then you two happily live together... forever!

Yeah, happened to you too, right?

So imagine if someone could actually do it. Now broaden your mind and imagine that an all girls' school teaches its special students this art form of making any guy dance to your tunes, quite literally with a kiss of love. *wink wink*

But your protagonist isn't like you and me. She believes that love that comes out of magic isn't real. She wants true love. 

Arrow Heart or The Love Curse by Rebecca Sky was a wonderful read. And I am eagerly waiting for book 2 in the series. I must add this that when I bought the book, it was known as Arrow Heart. So searching for part 2 I came across The Love Curse only to find it was the same book with a different name. Needless to say I was a little disappointed but eagerly awaiting for the next one.

And I, Manali Dey, would proudly give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Love you Rebecca Sky, please finish the next book fast... Pretty please!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Review Diaries (Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar by Kochery C. Shibu)

One of the key reasons I love reading is cause I get to us my imagination to decide how I wanna see a particular situation. How red the rose really was or how warm the first rays of the sun felt. The reader gets to have a say in all these. It's like seeing a movie in your mind and that's what is the best part about Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar by Kochery C. Shibu.
This book is like a big movie one gets to enjoy in their mind. One gets to travel different places, experience a variety of emotions and the best part... It's a happy ending for all.
The author introduces one character after another in consecutive chapters. And in these chapters many a times we get a feel about their current situation and then back story about how the character came to be in the 'current situation' that we are seeing the said character in. When I started reading it felt like a series of short stories were vividly described. But as I kept on reading I realized that the author has deftly brought forward all the characters together in a way which did not feel forced at all. They worked together hand in hand and resulted in a story that gave insight on human emotions and on cultures of different regions and cultures. And be it the vivid descriptions of the places that the characters went to or the emotions that they felt.
From finding true love to 'night-shift' adultery, from hard working people to greed and then it's illegal effects, we get a glimpse of everything.
I personally loved it. And the cover too is very eye soothing.
But I have a confession the technical parts which were very necessary, went a bit over my head.
So I, Manali Dey, will give Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar by Kochery C. Shibu 4.5 out of 5 stars.
It was a wonderful read.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Review Diaries (Prelude by Swarup Talukdar)

Aptly named Prelude, cause duh it is a prelude to the stories that are about to come out to play soon, this short apetiser has the capability to make you hungry for more.
Five different stories, each unique and interesting in their own way make this mini-book so worth your while. It took me roughly 2 hours to finish but the after effects are still there. Amazing penmanship, this book can be called the perfect teaser to the upcoming book cause it ticks all the boxes in the teaser department. It's short, to the point, gives you enough to pique your interest but the whole story. For that you gotta wait for the book to come out.
I had a real nice time reading this one.
You have horror, from petty everyday ghosts to mythical evil ones, you have romance and heart break, you have friendship and betrayal and you have a unique take on things. Each story gives you a clear understanding of what wonders are waiting for you when you finally get it.
So I, Manali Dey, will love to give Swarup Talukdar a big shout out.... These teeny miney teasers have been amazing. Really looking forward to the book called The Sign of Five cause the Prelude was an all stars.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Review Diaries (Horse Town by Moshank Relia)

Remember the time when life was simpler?
When the villains of the stories we heard were put down with magic?
When things were all black and white and no gray could be seen?
That's what this story will remind you of.
That family is not made by blood or by being related to. It's what is in your heart.
It's about caring for the other person without any thought for our own well being. And when you have this kind of blind devotion for someone, many a times one tends to take a miss step or two. Even though their heart is in the right place and they do it out of the goodness of their soul and keeping in mind the greater good. It's hard to not hold this against them.
But what as grown ups we tend to forget is that family is everything and when you make someone your family, your own, you make a promise to accept them with all their warts and boils and big heart. You have to forgive them and love them as you did before, but that doesn't mean you don't make them understand what they did wrong in the first place.
Horse Town which is written and illustrated by Moshank Relia is beautiful in all the ways that count. It's a book that can and should be read by kids and grown ups alike. Kids so that they learn a few good qualities like selfless behavior and putting your loved one's needs before you at times, while the grown-ups will enjoy a sense of nostalgia and realize that sometimes the best way to learn something right is to get it wrong the first time around.
I for one loved it. It was sweet and absolutely beautiful.
I will be gifting my nephew one soon and one for my Mom too. So if that doesn't tell you how much I loved it, here's me Manali Dey giving Horse Town a perfect 5 stars out of 5 stars and a big box of chocolates and a warm hug. Thanks for bringing back a big part of my childhood.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Review Diaries (Sin Is The New Love by Abir Mukherjee)

Have you ever read a book that takes you on a journey?
Like you are not reading and imagining the situations described in the book but it's all actually happening to you?
That's what I felt while reading this goosebumps inducing thriller. Like OMG!!! There have been times in this book while I got so upset about a certain incident or a decision by a character I wanted to get inside the book and shake them back to their senses or simply slap their heads off.
Fortunately and unfortunately (fortunately for me and unfortunately for the author) I follow the said author on social media and I am pretty sure I turned him into my buddy-reading partner. Poor guy was bombarded by questions about the characters and he was kind enough to answer them. But then I being me took things too far and asked him to tell me what happens in the book. Just imagine, Me-I-Myself, Manali Dey was asking for spoilers. Fortunately the author made me see my fault and then I went through the book like a hot knife through butter. And boy was I happy that I didn't read the last page(yeah I am guilty of reading the last page at times when the suspense gets too much, so sue me... We all have some vices)
Another important thing about this book is that when I started reading it, the protagonist was a bong girl whose father is in the police force and the incidents that were happening was just before Durga Puja. So I was taken aback cause I too was reading about her just before the pujas and my father's a cop too. Cue in the goosebumps... Furthermore the way the author describes any incident be it big or small is amazing. There were times when I had to put the book down and look over my shoulder cause I was sure I heard a footstep or two.
So overall this one is a winner and anyone who enjoys a good thriller should give it a read.
So here's me, Manali Dey, giving Abir Mukherjee's Sin Is The New Love 4.9 stars out of 5 and a big round of applause... Kudos to you for such a wonderful gift of a book.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Review Diaries (The Heartfulness Way by Daaji with Joshua Pollock)

Before I say anything about the book I would like to say a few things about me, the kind of a person I am. I have always been very religious but with a twist, my Gods were not just mere deities (yes you heard it right, mere deities) but they are my family. My Ma and Baba and Twin and Friend. And the other thing is I normally take three days max to finish any book. But this one I took almost 5 days to finish, for I didn't just read it once or twice, I read it 4 times. And the more I read the more it made sense.
I am someone who has been doing yoga for a long time and have been asked questions like "How come you talk so much? Isn't meditation supposed to make you talk less?"
I could never quite make them understand that meditation isn't about being silent or having less enthusiasm about things, it's about finding peace. Reaching your happy place or as described in the book to reach a "balance".
It doesn't matter if I jump around in joy or if I sit still the whole day. Finding your original balance is the important part. It is even mentioned that there is no difference between an undistracted mind and a settled mind. They are indistinguishable.
And coming back to the reason why I read it so many times, the first time I finished reading it I felt a bit of peace, which made me go back to it again and again. My personal experience with this book has been amazing and I would suggest it to others as well. Specially to all those who have the notion of the "right" way to be "silent".
So I, Manali Dey, will give The Heartfulness Way a big 5.5 out of 5. And a big thank you to both Daaji and Joshua Pollock.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Review Diaries(Cheaters by Novoneel Chakraborty)

If you have ever judged a book by its cover, you would love Cheaters for it looks stunning or at least it looked freaking incredible to me(may be cause I have very partial to the color red) but the name kinda made me rethink my plan to read it. I mean it's called Cheaters for crying out loud. And I for one, who has always been a big fan of black and white and not at all a fan of the grey area, abso-freaking-lutely hate cheating. I think it's unfair, underhanded and amoral. But reading this book made me rethink my judgemental take on things.
Firstly, I am someone who used to hate short stories and this book had 9 of them. All of them interesting, mind bogglingly so and all of them are about different definitions of cheating.
Sometimes you don't get closure from a relationship and you imagine scenarios where you do finally meet the other person and dream of properly putting that relationship to rest after a last hurrah! *wink-wink*. While at other times you do end up meeting that old flame but correct words don't come out to express your correct feelings about that unexpected meeting.
Sometimes the "other woman" is not to blamed for existing and can end up being a savior in disguise, while there are times when conjuring up "other" people is just what the doctor ordered to give a certain faulty ego a mighty blow.
Being taken for granted sucks and so does being put up on a freaking pedestal. So if you break a few rules to make yourself feel good again and ultimately be the old version of you but this time around you are someone who has lived a different story, no one should get to judge you.
And most importantly using role play to spice things up who hasn't done it, am I right or am I right?
So I, Manali Dey, will give Cheaters by Novoneel Chakraborty a big 5 on 5 stars. And a huge thank you hug, for I feel like a changed being who doesn't judge people (much, I still hate liars). I have always believed that self-love is the best love, for if you can't love yourself , you don't stand a chance to love others with all your heart.
So, love is love and feel free to spread it all around.
Incidentally I realized every time I read a Novoneel book I use a hell lotta cuss words…
What's up with that,huh!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Poetry Diaries (How about a raincheck?)

How about a raincheck on that party you invited me to?
I know I said yes, but back then I didn't think things through.
How about a raincheck for my ridiculous break-up heartache ?
With someone I wasn't in a relationship, for I am a mere mistake.
How about a raincheck for all those compliments and pats that I missed out on,
And for years I thought I deserved only scorn.
How about a raincheck for that heads up I didn't get and thought I deserved,
For I was betting on a heart fully reserved.
How about a raincheck for being replaced by someone else,
Only to be taken for granted, kept aside and called in to take the second place.
How about I take a raincheck from all the voices in my head,
And take deep breath and knock them all dead!
So how about a raincheck?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Crush Diaries(How to get over you crush in 30 seconds flat)

Me- Dadi, I think I am crushing on someone, I think I might even be falling for him.
Dadi aka Kaustav Bhattacharya looks at me and says, Yes if you fall on someone then he is definitely getting crushed.
Me(hurt and outraged) DADI...👹👹👹
Dadi- Are come on, you know I am kidding. Tell me what happened?
Me- There's this guy I like....
Dadi- And his name is (__________)
{And Dadi finishes my sentence}
Me- Wait! What? Noo!
Dadi - Moving on.
Me- It's not him.
Dadi- Hmmmmm.
Me- Seriously ...
Dadi- Hmmmmm (along with a blank stare)
Me- Shit did you know?
Dadi- I know nothing, cause you still haven't told me his name.
Me- Ahhaha... exactly.... So anyhu as I was saying...
Dadi- No.
Me- I think I like, wait what do you mean no?
Dadi- You don't have a crush
Me- Yes I do.
Dadi - No you don't.
Me- Yes
Dadi- No.
Me- Excuse me, I do.
Dadi- No and that's final.
Me- Really? Thanks I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
And that's how my big brother rids me from my silly-willy-so-not-a-crush.
Thanks Dadi.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

(Poetry Diaries)What do I do? Part 1

I wonder what you will say if I grabbed on to you hand tight,
Will to stand there and listen to me without a fight?
Or will you shrug me off and pay me no heed,
Like you ignored every single last of my previous good deed.
Even if you stayed, which can happen only in a dream of mine.
I can already see you restless, waiting for me to finish my line.
A lot of words went through my mind, like wild horses run unbound,
Yet I stayed mum, I simply couldn't make a sound.
You have already moved on, the only thing that's stopping you now,
Is my hand holding on to you, otherwise you would have long ago said Ciao!
I have a question about this all, I say with all the awkwardness in the world.
You exclaim, Question? Logical or Rhetoric, you ask still stationed under my hold.
A little bit of both, I answer back.
And end it there for I know it's all losing cards in my stack.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Review Diaries ( Last Seychelles Flame by Medha Nagur)

Remember the song "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson?
That's the first thing that came to my mind after I finished reading this book.
Life throws curve balls at us time and again. But one simply doesn't roll over and play dead. You gotta fight back and fight to keep your dreams alive.
Like the protagonist does in this wonderfully warm book. For her life isn't a bed of roses, her parents would rather have married off than listen to her dreams, her ex(whom she is still not over) is an epic jerk and a text book loser(and whenever I saw him I felt like getting inside the book and punching him). Then we see office politics and crappy bosses(who remind you of that partial teacher in school who only ever favoured her favorite students irrespective of you being right). But ultimately everything comes down to how you handle it all. Adrija is you and me and any other girl who had to fight stereotypical blocks on our road to success.
Adrija fights tooth and nail against it, she stands strong against her mom's emotional blackmail and her father's verbal bullying, she tries to be professional and let her work do the talking all the while dealing with "principal" like egotistical boss and trying her best to deal with her blast from the past, 6feet rude-dude of an ex-boyfriend. And I am pretty sure if asked she will blame her teenage hormones for that particular mistake in her love life(later in the book she says so herself). And most importantly Om, artist-slash-goofball-slash-Jabber Jackson-slash-famous artist-slash-goofball-slash- rich cutie with a heart of gold-slash-knight in shinning armour.
And no one can mistake Adrija as a heartless person, she might be stubborn and opinionated and headstrong but she isn't someone who will hurt a fly. She will rather face the evil dragon, who is busy huffing scalding abuses and puffing rude nonsense than call out for her knight for he is busy with some work. She fights for her dreams, fails to do it, get beaten black and blue by life(both literally and metaphorically), she is seen breaking down and crying her eyes out and having nervous breakdowns but she always gets up.
That's the lesson one should learn from this book.
Life can be hard and tough and downright horrible to you but you shouldn't give up. Stand your ground and keep working on your dreams. They will come true.
So, I,Manali Dey will give 5 stars out of 5 to this book and a warm hug to the writer for this candy-like book.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review Diaries (Copy Cat by Alex Lake)

404 pages finished in some 18 hours…
That's a record, even for me.
So I think I should warn everyone that don't start reading this book if you have an exam coming up(like me) cause then you might be in trouble cause this book won't let you put it down. It's sorcery I tell you.
The story is divided into three parts and so well woven that you will not find a single information to be redundant or missing.
Well thought out characters and a swift moving plot are the two most essential things for any book to be good and for a thriller to be at it's thrilling best these two not only have to go hand in hand but also have to compliment each other in a way that neither of the two over powers the other. And this book aces it all.
"Imitation is the most terrifying form of flattery..." That's what the cover says. And trust me when you read this book you'll realize that those words are so true.
You will gasp, be outraged, even get teary eyed at times and then finally you will be at peace with a side of anger towards the rightful person.
In simple words I loved this book, even though I am behind schedule for my upcoming exam, given a chance to time travel I will not change a single thing about the time I spent with this book cause it was aaaamazing…
Yeah I might just use the time machine to go back in the past and prohibit exams from ever happening but that's something we will talk in a different blog I promise.
So this psychological thriller should be in everyone's to be read list if they haven't read it already.
Cause I loved it.
Copy Cat by Alex Lake get 4.8 out of 5 stars.
And a big thumbs up!!!
Looking forward to reading more of your work Alex.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Review Diaries (Gurgaon Diaries by Debeshi Gooptu)

I have a deep seated, borderline obscene, unhealthy obsession about Diaries. And since I have always been an inquisitive soul I had once uncovered and read one of my cousin's diary. Let's just say that drama queen tattled to my Mom, who gave me a very strict talking to. From that day I have never approached anyone's hide-out diary spot, let alone read it. I simply collect Diaries for myself.
So you can imagine how interested (read excited) I was to find out that there is a book that's called "Gurgaon Diaries".(cue in squealing)
The author, Debeshi Gooptu, is a sarcastic freak after my heart. Lady your words are fun, funny and so high on the sarcastic meter that I think I am in love.
Divided into three parts(Life,Work and Play) this book will take you on a journey of guilt-free entertainment, cause you are reading someone else's diary and won't get in trouble for it. Talk about an absolute Win-Win .
And some of the situations are so downright relatable that I gave myself two sore hands with all that high fiving I was doing myself.
The unfair rich with their poor mentality, the maids we love to hate and the ones who we would have loved to save, the neighborhood aunties and their highfy ideas(more like mis-ideas), to the noisy ill-mannered kids(Arghs) and the "well" dressed corporates, this book has given you a picture that is so movie like vivid and clear that it's  immensely satisfying.
The gau-mata, monkeys and pigeon stories were not just hilarious but also something that I can empathise to. My Dad has a green thumb and the fruits of his labour are enjoyed(literally) by the above mentioned creatures(read culprits).
I read this book over the weekend and all was well in my world and I was ready to face all workplace problems with gusto.
So dear Debeshi loved your book, it's an instant mood lifter and gets 4.8 out of 5. And a big hug from my side.
Ps next time you are in Calcutta let's not do coffee, cause my Mom makes the best tea I have ever had(promise it's not stew) *wink wink*
Lots of love.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Review Diaries (Life Over Two Beers and Other stories by Sanjeev Sanyal)

Irony-A statement that, when taken in context, may actually mean something different from, or the opposite of, what is written literally; the use of words expressing something other than their literal intention, often in a humorous context. And ironic is how I would describe Sanjeev Sanyal's book Life Over Two Beers and other stories. Its funny in a very self-deprecating way, of one's own self, surroundings and society at large.
And being a self proclaimed Queen of Sarcasm I abso-freaking-lutely loved it.
Each one of the 12 short stories are incredibly well put together and unlike many short stories where one doesn't find closure these gift you a sense of peaceful ending, I mean as peaceful as you can expect from an extremely sarcastic short story that puts forward a very true picture of the world we live in.
Every single last one of the stories are about everyday themes and ideas. Some of these stories are almost urban legend like in their plots for example The Intellectuals and Waiting at the time of Cow-Dust. But the thing that sets this collection of short stories apart is the way these done and dusted stories have been approached. The writer has very aptly placed the stories for when one reads them one after another at the end of the 232 pages there is this smile that keeps lingering. The 3 poems are equally important part of the collection and my personal favorite is Of Forbidden Memories.
In short this book has made me laugh and be a tad bit sad and also given me courage. That even when things are looking bad and gloomy and beyond repair, take a deep breath and try again may be things might just take a turn for the better.
Quick note- I personally hate short stories and if anyone who knows me is asked they will let you know that the reason for this deep hatred is the fact that I like endings be it happy (preferably) or sad, give me an ending cause otherwise I sleepwalke throughout the day thinking of all the possible outcomes. And since this book has given my endings and much needed dose of ironic sustenance: I, Manali Dey, will love to give it 5/5 hearts. And a big hug to the author, please do pen down more such wonderfully different takes on everyday ideas. This has been a wonderful read.
Thank you.
Life Over Two Beers and other stories-
❤❤❤❤❤ Out of 5 💞

Friday, July 27, 2018

Crush Diaries

So hi there.
This post is more like a continuation of the Office Diaries and Crush Diaries, why you will soon know.
A few days ago I had was fortunate enough to spent some not-so-quality-time with my crush. And the first question that moron asks is "Are you okay?"
My heart flutters like a butterfly and I even have some of those butterflies in my stomach (Ps when butterflies are in crush mode what or rather who do they have in their stomachs?).
But I was suddenly over the moon cause that day I had broken a nail, and I was surprised that he noticed it.
I, Manali Dey, blushing to the roots of my hair was just about to tell him how sweet he is, when he bursts my bubble of happiness with his next words.
He- Cause you look so weird and sickly. Like someone had eaten all the chocolate in the world or may be run your puppy over.
Hearing all this I nod and say to myself, "You did"
He- Did you say something?
Me- Nopes.
He- You sure?
Me- Yes.
He- Are you fine? Do you want to take some time off? Do you ...
Me- Arghsss. I am fine.I was late for office today so  I didn't...
He- Put kajal on. (And they he looked deep into my eyes. or that is what it felt like for me)
Me coming out of my trance- Yeah. Right. No kajal.
(Note- I don't have the crush any more. Thank you very much)
So bye bye butterflies!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Office Diaries (Coffee Special)

How to know if coffee rules your life?

Step 1- Let's do an experiment, if asked who do you love the most at any other time of the day, you will name your parents or other half or your kids. But if this is asked the first thing in the morning before your first cuppa you will ask for your "precious" (full on Gollum mode on, mmhahaha) and not be above of going full on Hulk on them for asking such silly questions in the first place.

Step 2- When you wanna be friends with your office colleague, whose existence you deny to accept on an average day, just so you can have his very costly, pretentious but smells good af coffee.

Step 3- When you turn into one of those girls from perfume advertisements on smelling the dreamy aroma coming from the local coffee joint.

 Step 4- The only reason you don't kill your irritating colleague is cause you will not get coffee in prison and that just might result in you turning into a mass murderer. So honestly you are doing it for the betterment of the world. (Bow down to the Queen of Hearts)

Step 5- When nothing makes your day better than smelling that freshly brewed cuppa.

If your answer is yes to all the answers, cause let's be honest you just can't have one symptom only, you my friend are someone whose life is ruled by COFFEE!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

How to get a Scorpio to adopt you? (Part 1)

Before I start my thinking out loud, let me take a minute and pray to the God's of all things social media. You all have made my life so good that it's almost scary.
*deep breath in* and *prayer started*.... and *done and done*.
So now that I have paid proper homage to these wonderful tools of our virtual lives I move on to why I feel this chirpy even when I am working on a Saturday.
Recently I was introduced to this particular book, the writer is a best seller but I was very apprehensive. In the past I have read a lot of books that were supposed to be very "ga-ga" worthy and have been gravely disappointed by them. So this friend/adopted mom of mine asked me to take a huge leap of faith and go for it.
And me being me jumped with my eyes shut close and with both my feet and hands in it. I Googled the living daylights of the said author and then I realized my dilemma, I was horribly confused. He had too many books to his name, so I text my friend.
Me- Dude what do I read?
Me- Bro I am going maddddddd.
Me- OMG!!! this can be happening to me.
Me(again)- This is a disaster.
Me(yet again)- What do I do now?
(Quick note- This situation of me not letting her talk and ranting on and on went on for quite sometime after which she texted me a screen-shot.
My darling girl knew the author and she had texted him saying that a friend(read me) is "confused"(read going bonkers) over which book to start off with.
He, being the awesome Scorpio that he is(which I later found out) replied with all the patience in the world(I envy his patience even more than I envy his writing awesome stories) that I should be given the basic list of all his books and given its short summary. I was like "Okay… On it"
So I went off to Google it all and selected a book and started reading the "sample"(read free part) that one get on a ebook downloading cite.
So I start reading when my friend texts and it turns out the book I had selected was part of a trilogy and I was reading book 3.
So like me, right?
So next I move on to a book that is a stand alone and boy did it give me whiplash.
I am ashamed I called the writer a few real choice words, wait!!! Not the writer in real like, more like his creation. The book I was reading had a writer as a protagonist and that character made me cuss out loud in a crowded metro(trust me I am still traumatized by that incident). Anyhu so after finishing the book I text the said author, for my friend had told me so much about him that it felt like I knew him already and he is dying to adopt me.
So I being the adrenaline junkie that I am send him a very risky text.
It said…
Wait for it…

What! I didn't stop there.
I read your book and I really liked it.
PS you are gonna adopt me soon, you just don't know it yet.
Brave man he is for he is yet to block me.
But saddness in life is, he hasn't adopted me yet.
Darn it!
Wonder if he would help me write a rule book on how to get adopted by a Scorpio in 3 simple steps.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Doctor Special

How to properly hate your doctor?
Step 1- Get into an accident(preferably the day after you should have office)
Step 2- Ride an adrenaline high and go to work the following day.
Step 3- Realize your mistake and call your orthopedic for an appointment (yes I have a oprtho on call, so sue me)
Step 4- Find out he is out of station so you havta visit your general physician, who is also your Ortho's friend and on receiving your call promptly tells you that you need to walk, like a lot so that he knows the extent of your injury properly.
(Note- When asked why is my case history being discussed over phone with his fellow doctor and why my privacy isn't honored he promptly laughed his head off, the reason I found out when I reached his chamber)
Step 5- Reach the said Doctor's chamber, sweaty from the walk that you were advised to take, only to see your parents waiting for you. Mimi close to tears and Bapu fit enough to kill for I had previously very conveniently forgotten to tell them about the accident's after effects. Needless to say I am on house arrest.
(Note- I have nothing but respect for the nobel profession, so kindly feel free to blame my foul mood on the pain and the uncle who almost ran me and my brother over)

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Life Diaries

Before I start my thinking out loud, let me take a minute and pray to the God's of all things social media. You all have made my life so good that it's almost scary.
*deep breath in* and *prayer started*.... and *done and done*.
So now that I have paid proper homage to these wonderful tools of our virtual lives I move on to why I feel this chirpy even when I am working on a Saturday.
Recently I was introduced to this particular book, the writer is a best seller but I was very apprehensive. In the past I have read a lot of books that were supposed to be very "ga-ga" worthy and have been gravely disappointed by them. So this friend/adopted mom of mine asked me to take a huge leap of faith and go for it.
And me being me jumped with my eyes shut close and with both my feet and hands in it. I Googled the living daylights of the said author and then I realized my dilemma, I was horribly confused. He had too many books to his name, so I text my friend.
Me- Dude what do I read?
Me- Bro I am going maddddddd.
Me- OMG!!! this can be happening to me.
Me(again)- This is a disaster.
Me(yet again)- What do I do now?
(Quick note- This situation of me not letting her talk and ranting on and on went on for quite sometime after which she texted me a screen-shot.
My darling girl knew the author and she had texted him saying that a friend(read me) is "confused"(read going bonkers) over which book to start off with.
He, being the awesome Scorpio that he is(which I later found out) replied with all the patience in the world(I envy his patience even more than I envy his writing awesome stories) that I should be given the basic list of all his books and given its short summary. I was like "Okay… On it"
So I went off to Google it all and selected a book and started reading the "sample"(read free part) that one get on a ebook downloading cite.
So I start reading when my friend texts and it turns out the book I had selected was part of a trilogy and I was reading book 3.
So like me, right?
So next I move on to a book that is a stand alone and boy did it give me whiplash.
I am ashamed I called the writer a few real choice words, wait!!! Not the writer in real like, more like his creation. The book I was reading had a writer as a protagonist and that character made me cuss out loud in a crowded metro(trust me I am still traumatized by that incident). Anyhu so after finishing the book I text the said author, for my friend had told me so much about him that it felt like I knew him already and he is dying to adopt me.
So I being the adrenaline junkie that I am send him a very risky text.
It said…
Wait for it…

What! I didn't stop there.
I read your book and I really liked it.
PS you are gonna adopt me soon, you just don't know it yet.
Brave man he is for he is yet to block me.
But saddness in life is, he hasn't adopted me yet.
Darn it!
Wonder if he would help me write a rule book on how to get adopted by a Scorpio in 3 simple steps.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Love

Today I saw her again,
She was all drenched in the rain.
Her sigh of relief made it clear and plain,
That the showers washed away all her pain.
Once an old friend from a state far away,
Came to visit me for a day.
He saw her with eyes so cold,
That I wondered how on Earth are we friends, truth be told.
He went on a triad and described everything that was wrong with my love.
She looked old, tried, and over worked, my poor darling dove.
Mumbai is glitzy, Delhi has it's fast pace,
Bangaluru has it's high package deal, your girl is simply out of the race.
I smiled at the face of his childlike ignorance,
And took a page out of her epic tolerance.
To show him my City of Joy, Books and Smiles.
We walked for miles and miles.
And took in the heritage sights of old.
He seemed speechless, when he stood there and my hand he took hold.
I love her too, he said almost like he was in a trance.
I gave him a superior look, Me looked arrogant at a glance.
But inside I was glowing like a proud momma told,
Her kid just won the celebratory gold.
I love my city, Calcutta or Kolkata, she is both alike.
One has the grace while the other is child-like.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Poem Diaries ( An Ode)

Sorry cause I like an idiot took you for granted.
But the way you extracted your revenge is demented.
You were right in front of me, thinking about it now makes me crazy,
You were the very reason I could breath so easy.
You tried your best to stop toxicity from coming my life and harming me ever,
But I ignored the warnings of trusty care giver.
I am sorry, I really am if truth be told.
And now you should forgive me, cause you have a heart of gold.
Please don't make our relationship problems a thing of public knowledge,
I know I was in the wrong, see all my faults I acknowledge.
Stop this constant reminders of my wrong doings against us,
We are a strong team, this problem too shall pass.
Lets get some more warmth in us and share a cuppa of hot chocolate milk together,
Cause it's gonna be you and me for ever.

An Ode to my runny Nose.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Review Diaries (Black Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty)



noun: bibliophile; plural noun: bibliophiles

a person who collects or has a great love of books.

synonyms:book lover; 

 informal -bookworm; 
rare -bibliomaniacbibliomanebibliolater

Yeah that's what I am. Guilty as charged.
And before I start writing this "review" diaries I would like to say something about myself, I am loud, brash and very opinionated. And have extreme emotions, either I love(then I will kill for them or it) or I simply hate (then I will bake marshmallows on them if they self-combust in front of me).
So yeah that's me and normally I blare my likes and dislikes to my own people on all things social media. And these tatti people of mine(quick note Bae is Danish for poop, so my bae people are my tatti people, my people are mine to love and mine to name).
So one of these dear darlings was going gaga over the author and since we have almost similar choices in our reading material (read we share our love for Sylvia Day, wanting to be Mrs.Cross and Beni Madhob) I thought I should give it a try too. Thus began my search for the perfect book to start with and me settled on Black suits You. And boy was I in for a surprise. I got the sample read from an online reading portal, while I was still in the office and what a mistake that was!!! But I am happy to report no mishaps happened, I, Manali Dey was not caught reading a psycho sexual thriller in the office.
Now if someone goes by the "don't judge a book by it's cover" moto they will not understand me not liking the fact that the cover had so much of green in it, but I gave it a try cause the blurb that I was suggested to read had already caught my attention. So, me with my new found money from the new job(at times adulting rocks) bought the book and started gorging even before my office day was up. And the story was cathartic, in all the right ways. Its one of those tales which takes you such a roller coaster ride of emotions that you fell spent after finishing it and experience peace within. In one word this book was not only soft smut but its a complete bookgasm material. The protagonist gave me butterflies in my stomach every time he smirks, his wayward ways made me wanna pull a Joey on this book by freezing the said offending book but I couldn't do for it was a PDF on my phone you see. Then when he gets in deep soup I cheered my head off(but silently cause I was in the office). In short I really loved my love-hate-lust-and back to love relationship that I shared with him, truth be told I am looking forward to cloning him in the near future for a friend with a few changes here and there(well what can I say I know what or whom I want to have around *major wink wink*)
In short I really loved the book.
It's not only emotionally arousing but also makes you feel and that I personally think is a star quality for any writer.
So I, Manali Dey, will give Black Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty,
4.8 stars out of 5 and a big XOXO, cause I really enjoyed the mind trip.
Till next time, toodles!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Office Diaries (When your dream job changes color)

What do you do when you love books but are too broke to buy them?
1. You can steal them from other people (bad you)
2. You can steal from stores (yeah good luck with that, get caught and go to jail)
3. Steal from the author (in short piracy)
And I know the last one sounds the easiest but its the most unethical one too. Your heart breaks when you read that even though your favorite author wrote like the meatest work you have ever read but it doesn't become a best seller you think to yourself that may be that pirated copy you got lessened the sales and that is why this happened. (cue in the sad tunes).
So I get an idea, a genius one if I might add.
I join a bookstore. The idea was I will get to read my heart out, considering I will be in the bookstore throughout the day. No human interaction - all day long, it was like a dream come true for closet introvert of a heart. The whole day I will be surrounded by books and no one disturb me. The books in my hand, book-boyfriends in my heart and with the smell of new books in my lungs I will live my happily ever after every single day. No work day will be the same and all will be merry-merry all the day.
With this beautiful dream in my heart I go for my interview and tada I crack it too.
But it wasn't what I imagined it to be. Firstly, I wasn't working at the bookstore, so no to the books, no to the book boyfriends and no happily ever after. Secondly, I had to work with people. Yeah, the horrors!!! The entire day I was surrounded with people, had to talk to them and smile when all I wanted was to curl in the corner with a book and forget everyone. And the only good thing would have been getting free books cause working in a bookstore should have perks like this. I thought may be I will be getting paid in books. So I wait for the salary day with bated breath, but alas I get money. Oh it was so disappointing. 
So now I am broke, working all day, have to talk to people and I am without books. Why is this world such a hater of lovers and love storries. WHY!!!???

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Office Diaries (Stabby Special)

5 things to do when you feel stabby in the office-

Rule number 1- Don't. Yeah you heard( read it right) Do not and mind you big emphasis on the not, do not stab anyone in the office, irrespective of the fact how much they deserve it or are asking rather begging for it. Trust me jail food ain't nice, and there is a very high chance that your fellow cell mate and jailor will be a lot more irritating than your colleague.

Rule number 2- Drink water. I can tell you all the magical things you will experience when you drink water. Your body will feel lighter, you will not feel sleepy any more, your mind will be clearer. And if none of these impresses you, well you will have better skin cause all that water is bound to flush out all sorts of toxins out of your system. So. it's a win-win from all sides. You get great skin and you don't kill your irritating office-mates. I am so proud of you.

Rule number 3- Listen to some music. My office has this rule that if you won't disturb anyone else then you can have a few tunes on. Some of you might just not have this opportunity but don't ya worry I got the perfect solution for you too. Hum a little tune in your mind, it can be anything that makes you smile. Play your happy tune in your mind and do a little jig if you want to. Just remember one thing try and control the dreamy expression,that is the only problem with this solution. You see I had once made a dreamy face while humming in my mind and I didn't even realize I was at that time in the office. So yeah I gave my full blown dreamy expression to this guy in IT and till date he gives me an extra side-smile every time I see him.

Rule number 4- Count backwards. Again this should be in your mind. Your boss is screaming at you for no apparent reason or may be he or she has a good reason(so what you screwed up, shit happens kid. Don't worry next time you will do better) But currently your boss is tearing you a new one, so what do you do? Do you take the gold letter opener, that is the crowning glory of your boss's desk and stab him with it? Or do you take the pen you are holding and stab your boss in the eye? The answer is none of the above. You take a calming breath, keep your mouth shut(cause giving lip helped no one) and you count backwards. Trust me it will calm you. I am from a joint family and get tortured by my relatives a lot, this rule helps me in staying out of jail for mass murder. A point I would like to mention is that you could do rule number 3 in this case too, but I think 4 is safer when it comes to handling bosses. You will not want to give your boss a dreamy expression in the middle of a talking to or hum out a tune. This might lead to a call from the HR or worse termination. So rule 4 is safer, like a lot safer.
And the final Rule number 5- Affirmations. Write or even imagine all the things you will be able to do if you curb your desire to stab a fellow work colleague or your boss or may be your client. You will get sent to jail and won't get to hang out with your loved ones, or get to see your favorite team beat their arch enemy or eat your fav soul foods (I mean I could have said gourmet instead of soul food but come on soul food wins any battle, hands down always) 
So people do not stab anyone when they get on your last nerve or they skip work and flirt with your office crush while you slog on or when they steal your due credit for your work well done. Cause it ain't worth it.
(Quick note - You can stab people if it is for self defense. If it is for self defense, then you should totally stab, bite, kick, maim)
Wish you all a very happy day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Office Diaries (Cough and Cold special)

How do you know if an event that you have been a part of is a success or not?
By the kind of reviews you get?
Nah those can be biased, bought and superficial.
Or may be by the kind of footfall the said event got?
Oh hells no, cause that number is based more on the availability of the other good events around you.
(Let me guess you now wanna know who kicked my cereal bowl that now I am in such a bad mood. Well the answer is no one, now stop distracting me and let me tell you the reason for this post)
You know your event has been a full blown success if even after two days of the final event you don't have a voice and all that comes out of your mouth are air sounds.
And that is how I know that the last event I was part of was such a huge hit.
Moving on, I came back to the office on Tuesday, for Monday I was on my sick leave.
And boy oh boy do people notice my lack of voice.
I have many well meaning colleagues offer me pearls of wisdom like drink hot tea, keep ginger in your mouth and many others. But even though I wanted to say thank you to all of them I couldn't cause I have lost my voice. So all I could do was make some whooshing sounds like the ones kids make when flying aeroplanes. Yeah I am preety sure I will be crowned at the Queen of Rudeness.
In comes my savior in dress-shirt and sheepskin shoes, one of my bosses whom if I may add I am dying to adopt as my brother. And the first thing he says is "Oh you poor kid, you got no voice" and voila!!! The rest of the village puts away their pitchforks and fire. I stand and give everyone a polite smile and go ahead with my work. 30 minutes in the office day my second boss comes in.
Her- Oh Hi Manali, how are you today?
Me(makes whoosing noises)
Her- Oh you have lost your voice.
Me(nods my head vigoriously)
And that is how may day has been so far and it's only 12 and my work gets over at 7:30 today. So yeah me!!!(heavy sarcasm)
PS remember the creepy guy I told you about? Yeah turns out he ain't creepy, just a bit snobby. But since he didn't judge me for forgetting his name every morning let's call him cubie, cause he sits in the opposite cubile to mine.
PPS a friend joined this office and she has a huge crush on cubie, let's hope it works out for them. For now I need another coffee. Off I go in my hunt for coffee, Oh Bless me Coffee Gods.