Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Review Diaries (Midnight Sun by Faiz Yusuf)

Name of the book - Midnight Sun by Faiz Yusuf.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Ever a get paper cut?
Hurts right?
Ever scrapped a knee?
Now combine them both and that the kinda of raw emotions you will see coming from this books in leaps and bounds.
I loooooooooooooved reading it, like every single word, every emotion it it brought forward. In times when it is easy to feel restless or even numb be ready to feel a plethora of emotions with this one.
Personally I adore poems but there is a big catch, the poems written in blank verses don't or rather didn't do it for me. One of my biggest influences, told me that rhyming and being lyrical are two different things, that a poem should be like a song, it should have it's own background score and this book had it in full.
The two parts of Dawn and Dusk reminded me of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience.
In short today was a good day with this gem of a book.
QQ(quick question)- Ever read something that left you feeling way too many emotions at the same time?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Review Diaries (Beyond The Night Before The Dawn by Nilesh Joshi)

Name of the book - Beyond The Night Before The Dawn by Nilesh Joshi.
Stars given- 4 in 5 stars.
My take on the book-
There are many few books that grip your attention from the get go, well it was awesome that this one was one of those beauties.
A playful couple that doesn't have their perfect ending, or do they?
What does a perfect ending mean anyway?
Trust me, when a book makes it's mark that in a way that you keep thinking about it ling after it's done, that's the one you need in your library.
The tone of the book was simple and smooth sailing, you won't be running off to your dictionary but at the same time it holds the mind of it's reader.
Quick Question- Given a chance, will you be knowing the future or relive the past?
Me? Ohhhhh I will simply go with the gift that's present.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Review Diaries (Wicked Desires by Vikrant Roy)

Name of the book- Wicked Desires by Vikrant Roy.
Stars given- 3.5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
I am a big fan of love stories.
A few years back I even had a read-along with a friend of mine that included lots of romances.
But this particular one is very different from the other romances out there, it's a erotic novel with many layers that one will get to know more and more about as they read the book.
This particular one is book 1 in the series and the story ends at a place that is very pivotal for all the characters in the book.
The story starts with this girl and her husband who after 2 years of marriage are still figuring things about each other. They have a easy relationship that has some issues that aren't created by themselves.
Every character has their own ideas and actual realities to deal with. Entry of a new person seems to bring about changes in the girl and her husband's lives. The language in the book was simple but there were places that I felt that it could be edited to make them better. Aside from this editing issue I do hope to know how the cliff hanger ends.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Review Diaries (26 Words by Smita Pal)

Name of the book- 26 Words by Smita Pal.
Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
How many alphabets are there?
That's the number of stories are there in the book.
Did I enjoy reading it?
Hell to the yeah!
There is something for everyone.
Every single story starts with an alphabet and each one shows us a different story.
There are many issues that are talked about in the book, some of them are social issues that we see in today's world, like every single day.
Be it people being abused, in the form of harrasement in the work place or unequal pay based on gender it covers it all.
There are also stories of social injustices like dowry and also toxic male ego that results in someone being targeted for an acid attack.
The stories make you think about it even after the book is done.
The language is very to the point.
There is no beating around the bush, it's there for you to see from the get go.