Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review Diaries (Copy Cat by Alex Lake)

404 pages finished in some 18 hours…
That's a record, even for me.
So I think I should warn everyone that don't start reading this book if you have an exam coming up(like me) cause then you might be in trouble cause this book won't let you put it down. It's sorcery I tell you.
The story is divided into three parts and so well woven that you will not find a single information to be redundant or missing.
Well thought out characters and a swift moving plot are the two most essential things for any book to be good and for a thriller to be at it's thrilling best these two not only have to go hand in hand but also have to compliment each other in a way that neither of the two over powers the other. And this book aces it all.
"Imitation is the most terrifying form of flattery..." That's what the cover says. And trust me when you read this book you'll realize that those words are so true.
You will gasp, be outraged, even get teary eyed at times and then finally you will be at peace with a side of anger towards the rightful person.
In simple words I loved this book, even though I am behind schedule for my upcoming exam, given a chance to time travel I will not change a single thing about the time I spent with this book cause it was aaaamazing…
Yeah I might just use the time machine to go back in the past and prohibit exams from ever happening but that's something we will talk in a different blog I promise.
So this psychological thriller should be in everyone's to be read list if they haven't read it already.
Cause I loved it.
Copy Cat by Alex Lake get 4.8 out of 5 stars.
And a big thumbs up!!!
Looking forward to reading more of your work Alex.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Review Diaries (Gurgaon Diaries by Debeshi Gooptu)

I have a deep seated, borderline obscene, unhealthy obsession about Diaries. And since I have always been an inquisitive soul I had once uncovered and read one of my cousin's diary. Let's just say that drama queen tattled to my Mom, who gave me a very strict talking to. From that day I have never approached anyone's hide-out diary spot, let alone read it. I simply collect Diaries for myself.
So you can imagine how interested (read excited) I was to find out that there is a book that's called "Gurgaon Diaries".(cue in squealing)
The author, Debeshi Gooptu, is a sarcastic freak after my heart. Lady your words are fun, funny and so high on the sarcastic meter that I think I am in love.
Divided into three parts(Life,Work and Play) this book will take you on a journey of guilt-free entertainment, cause you are reading someone else's diary and won't get in trouble for it. Talk about an absolute Win-Win .
And some of the situations are so downright relatable that I gave myself two sore hands with all that high fiving I was doing myself.
The unfair rich with their poor mentality, the maids we love to hate and the ones who we would have loved to save, the neighborhood aunties and their highfy ideas(more like mis-ideas), to the noisy ill-mannered kids(Arghs) and the "well" dressed corporates, this book has given you a picture that is so movie like vivid and clear that it's  immensely satisfying.
The gau-mata, monkeys and pigeon stories were not just hilarious but also something that I can empathise to. My Dad has a green thumb and the fruits of his labour are enjoyed(literally) by the above mentioned creatures(read culprits).
I read this book over the weekend and all was well in my world and I was ready to face all workplace problems with gusto.
So dear Debeshi loved your book, it's an instant mood lifter and gets 4.8 out of 5. And a big hug from my side.
Ps next time you are in Calcutta let's not do coffee, cause my Mom makes the best tea I have ever had(promise it's not stew) *wink wink*
Lots of love.