Thursday, December 17, 2020

Review Diaries (Cocktail by Antara Sarkar)

 Ever had that problem with a story that didn't make a mark in your mind?

Like you read and finished but nothing stuck with you or made you think?
This will not be a problem if you give this collection of short stories a read.
Each story took me less than 20 mins to finish and boy were they thought provoking.
Each of them choose to concentrate on a different emotions or even agenda but then result was the same, you kept churning the stories in your mind.
Like what happened after this, did it work?
Did it open more doors?
Were they each other's destiny or actual star crossed...
And so many more questions...
I had an exam today and took little breaks in between revisions last night to finish this one.
Ps when was the last time a story made you feel this way?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Review Diaries (The Paradise Conflict)

 I don't know about you but I have this new found love for distopia.

Somehow it gives me hope, like even during the darkest times there will come a day when things will change and good things will come into being.

This one was no different, when it started with a dash and a bang I was hooked.

The story has a lot of twists and turns and an amazing love story which was sweetened by some not so nice creatures.

The moral here too is the same as many great stories, greed is not a good thing and sometimes it's very necessary to raise your voice out loud.

Book 1 ended at a bittersweet note, needless to say I am looking forward to book 2.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Review Diaries (The Billionaire and The monk)

 Have your ever heard about the newest fad of going minimalistic?

The first time I heard it, I was a tad bit sad you see it was just before my birthday and I was kinda taken aback but like every thing else in the world this too had two sides to it. This book in the first two chapters explained to me the minimalistic art of of living like nothing else could. You see if you opt to take with you things that you absolutely need and get rid of all the things that you can do without, your life will become less complicated in ways that even you can not imagine.

For example let's imagine that you have your absolute necessary objects and have leant to live on only then, so now there is zero waste in your life, ergo no clutter thus you will end up saving lots of time without having to sort through tons of clutter. Moreover money saved is money earned, thus resulting in a total win-win situation for you in every way.

Another important thing about modern day life is our habit of procrastination, we tend to think and in turn over think about situation, if this minimalistic approach is also applied in real life then one can rid themselves this ill habit and spare themselves the pain of overthinking.

The book has been an absolute pleasure to read and helped me in decluttering my mind.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Review Diaries (A Silent Takeover)

This story made my rainy day happy and bright.
I just finished the book and honestly I still have goosebumps.
The story starts like any other, once upon a time in a city like the one you are living in...and then kaboom!!! Everything you thought you knew changes and you find out something fantastic.
The story takes not one or two but many twists and turns but in the end love wins!!!
Trust me, when you finally finish the book you will realize what I mean.
There were a few places in the book where some edits were needed but no stars get deducted cause the story makes up for it. Story women characters and relationships that are real and true and not at all forced.
In one line, my day was made.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Review Diaries (Mousebite)

There are times when one starts a book and has a few expectations about it.
The day I started this one there was one word that made its mark and that was mousetrap, cause mouse aren't people whom I like having around, even Jerry never had my love.
Then the story started unfolding and oh man I was hooked. The plot, the language and even the place where it is based in everything came together. It was like reading a high octave Bollywood thriller, only without the songs and I had rain as my background score.
In short, my rainy day was made awesome!
And since time and again I have told anyone who have lend me their ears that I hate rain trust me it's quite a feat.
Quick question- What's your spirit animal?

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Review Diaries (Sutradhar)

Growing up I am someone who heard lots of stories from my grandparents on both sides.

Be it mythology, historical stories or fictional folk tales, I have heard it all.

This book for me was like getting back a piece of that childhood.

In short I loved the book.

Special mention needs to be made of the fact that apparently Tansen's lady love too was just as much talented as he was, the perfect rain to his thunder fire. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Review Diaries (Unsacked)

I personally believe that one should do her best and not think about things out of one's control.
This pandemic has shown us that things change and not always work out as we want it to.
This book is a positive was to look at the results people had to face cause of it.
Job lay offs to pay cuts, people had to face tons of stuff and this book kinda gives us a picture on how to go about it all.
Give it a read, it's bound to have a positive impact on your life.
QOTD- Tell me an incident where you did your best and then let things find their own place on their own.
Answer- Well, it was during my last battle of Clash of clans… I deployed my entire army and just let them decide what they wanted to do.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Review Diaries (Manjari)

It's been ages since I read a Bengali book, let alone one in poetry. Somehow with studies and work I seems haven't had the time to go for this particular delightful experience.
A friend suggested I give one a try and needless to say it was amazing. 
Incidentally I should mention something, not only does the name of the book means a flower but it also is the name of the  author's mother and that made the book even more special.
The only issue I had with the poems were that they were in blank verse and I like my rhymes but turns out even here me and the poet have similar tastes. All in all it was a good read for me. 

Review Diaries ( Parallels)

Who is big fan of comics ?
Who loves the idea of multi-verses?
Again, Meeee.
If you give a girl who likes different ideas about the world and how everything works, how much is she going to love it?
Aaaaa lot.
We have all heard about and also learnt about how everything came about in the world. How the big bang happened and slowly the world as we know of it now, came into existence. Now think of something else,like the fact that small families made up counties, then cities and then states which were followed by nations. These great nations finally made the world and are just a small part of the universe.
So many things to know, so many places to go and not enough time and mind you I am talking about pre or post lockdown, but your mind isn't tethered to anything. Grab this one a give it a try, it's bound to blow your mind. One key line in the book that made a major mark in my mind is how gravity is the ultimate unifier, like death it's the same for all living beings on one hand but it works for non living things as well so it has a bigger reach than death.
#mindblown­čĄ» #suchamanalithingtodo

Review Diaries ( Game of Codes)

I haven't read the original Game of thrones books, and I haven't watched the series as well. I knew all the pop culture references so it was fun to read this one and find the all the little references here and there. The best part about it all is the fact that it's in modern day world. This made reading it very fun.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Review Diaries (Once There Was Me)

This is the second book I am reading by the author and like the first one this one too made me feel a plethora of feelings.
Partition is something that I have heard a lot about from my grandparents, so that has always been a sore subject for me to read or heard about.
Also as a person who is not only religious but also spiritual as well, I believe that love is love and no one is a bad person they make bad choices that not only effect them but others as well.
Now coming back to the story, it was one of those stories that kept you on your toes, with the good-the bad-and the very heart breaking.
There were many things that were mentioned here that I knew about, but somethings were new and opened my eyes to the back stories of certain historical events.
This semi autobiography has made me a fan of non-fiction as well. Fiction will always have a special place in my heart, but from now onwards I will keep an open mind about non fiction as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Review Diaries (Nineteen by Anuj Tikku)

There are times when you start a book with a feeling that it's going to be a good read and that's what happened withe regarding this book.
It's raining like there's no tomorrow for the past of couple of days in Calcutta and I couldn't stress enough about my utter dislike of this natural phenomenon.
So in the middle of the day, with all the lights turned on I grabbed my blankie, got myself some green tea and started this one.
I started this book after a day full of reading for my exam and boy oh boy this one I finished in record time. The book started with a few introductions and I thought it might be a slow book but nopes it was a roller-coaster ride all the way. Many of the characters seemed liked they were inspired by real life people. I took not a single break and trust me you wouldn't be able to as well once you start this book.
The characters are so well formed, like doesn't matter how many pages you are in but every character will make sense to you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Life Diaries (Done with Love special)

This is me flying kissing goodbye to ever finding my true love...
Cause dating advise from friends start mostly like...Girl be yourself, but a very watered down version please... 
1. You be too nice you get friend zoned and will end you hearing all about the next girls he will ever date.
2. You become too mean, he will run away and never look back.
And then there are my absolute favorites.
3. Don't flirt like you would, flirt like one of Jack's French girls...cause otherwise you will end up making a full blown chicken roast out of the poor guy and people will find him rocking himself in the corner of a dark room mumbling your jokes to himself and crying for his momma.
4. Don't be too friendly and call the guy bro, you will end up being bro-zoned(trust me it's an absolute horrible place to be).
5. Don't be too cute cause then you will become baby-zoned(like bro-zoned but this is like the children's version of a sugar-baby relationship, works for some but so not for me- been there-done that-burnt that bridge).
6. Finally don't be all of the above.
Yes, I am that capable that I can be all of the above in a blink of an eye.
Incidentally I had a crush some time back and tried being all this, but alas... I don't think it's working. Either my crush meter is broken or I have a seriously bad type.
Either way I am done!
Done and done...
In other news I have again started writing, so crazy cat lady life here I come...

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Review Diaries (Cornucopoem)

Sometimes a poem makes your mood while at other times it makes you think.
This collection made me do both.
This book has a plethora of subjects, on which the writer has based the poems on. Some of these topics are part and parcel of everyone's life. Like for example, a student who begs his parents for some understanding and patience coupled with a dose of support. Everyone goes through ups and downs in their lives and when they are down one needs some love and care to join the fight of life again with full swing. 
Loved every one of them and also the explanations of what inspired these poems into existence.
The one about the student made real special mark in my heart along with the one which talks about the students of the writer's ex school.
Looking forward to more lovely poems.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Review Diaries (The Place Where Rivers Meet)

A very intriguing read.
What first attracted me was the cover and then  the story took the cake and the whole book in it's entirety was awesome!
Written from the point of view of not one person but many a persons and a pair of love birds, the book was brimming with stories.
There were times when it felt like I was listening to my grandfather talking about the good old days and while at other times it felt like listening to myself going on an adventure.
What made this book such an amazing experience was the fact that which ever pov you are reading they are all exact in their dealings with the story and the people related to it.
All in all this one made my day.
Ps I am trying to set a theme to my reviews.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Review Diaries (A Tryst With Tristan by Pravan Rao)

This fast faced book can't be called a romance in the very typical or conservative sense.
Imagine reading through someone's memoir and that is what you get with this book.
The journey of young boy and his relationships till date.
The book, for me, ended too soon so I guess there will be a book 2 where we will know more about his relationships and how his life is after this phase is over.
The story is very fast paced much like Tristan's life and very to the point and straight forward.
Ps I tried a new way of clicking pictures...
Hit or miss?

Friday, June 12, 2020

Review Diaries (The Good, The Bad and The Sillyby Ranjit Kulkarni)

Name of the book- The Good, The Bad and The Silly
by Ranjit Kulkarni.
Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Being a big classics fan the title of this book reminded me of this movie that I had once seen, like ages ago 
Now back to the book, as the cover suggests this book is a comedy and since I have a weird relationship with comedy I was in parts delighted and also dreading the book.
It's about this guy and his wise friend- philosopher-guide, the narrator and how they take on different aspects of life .
There was this one instance when the narrator talks about the three wives, as in the three friends had three wives but nevertheless in the context of the story it was like a jolt and then laughter.
There might have been an instance or so where I felt a tad bit editing was necessary but that can all be ignored on the grounds that this is the author's debut.
Quick question- How do you like your funny?
I need tons of sarcasm and loads of dry humor.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Review Diaries (An Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Powers by Himanshu Goel)

Name of the book- An Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Powers by Himanshu Goel.
Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
This was one cool collection of poems.
Personally I adore reading poems and this made my evening very happy. The book has four parts, namely a. Superpowered, b. Ordinary origins, c. Inevitable flaws, and d. Extraordinary sidekicks.
Each poem is 3 to 5 lines but somehow it always gets the idea across.
My favorite in Superpowered was the comparison of her powers to that of a gambler who was at the end of his rope and nothing left to lose. 
On the other hand in the second part which was ordinary origins, I really liked the one about her hard earned wings.
Trust me on this, these poems will make you happy.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Review Diaries (Love, Swipe, Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan)

Name of the book- Love, Swipe, Blackmail
Nitish Bhushan.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
This is a book that's is an absolute delight for anyone who like shock factors with their stories.
The first one comes in the form of the title, it makes one stand and take notice.
The second one comes in the form of the first chapter in the book, it starts at chapter 35.
I for one thought I had the half book for a second and then saw it was fast forward and then back and forth.
In the age of social networking and online dating this book is a good wake up call.
I like the book for not only the story but also for the straight forward way the idea was dealt with.
Many times in thrillers a few characters get side lined but here you get the proper picture of the characters you are dealt with.
Overall it was a good read for me.
Quick question- Mountains or Beaches, spring rolls or momo, kababs or Curry.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Review Diaries (Charioteer Creatures in Mind by Abhishek Mishra.)

Name of the book - Charioteer Creatures in Mind by Abhishek Mishra.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
24 hours power cut and with only some 29 % of battery I started this book. Yeah I am mad and I know it.
This book had a lot of aha moment for me, cause I Manali Dey adore a few things barring thriller and romances and this is psychological thrillers that make you believe in conspiracy theories.
Well if not believe then at least take note of them when next time you hear someone spouting something in crazed lines.
I'm the middle of the book I got a warning of low battery and used my laptop to charge my phone and finish this one.
Coming back to the book that story follows the journey of a protagonist who finds bits and pieces of information about experiments going on. You might think that I along with the protagonist am against the betterment of science but that's not the case, these bad peps are experimenting on human beings… ouch! I know.
The language of the book is simple and ever flowing and full of punch that made me forget (well almost) my power cut woes.
Ps Eid Mubarak to everyone.
Sending love everyone's way.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Review Diaries (DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE: Revelations About Diana's Life PrinciplesSTEWART PEARCE)

Name of the book - DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE: Revelations About Diana's Life Principles
Stars given - 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Growing up, I never wanted to be a princess but a queen, very graceful yet charismatic.
Yes, I did wanna be her, so no points for guessing that I would choose to read this one as soon as I found out about it from a very dear friend.
I was seven years old when I saw one of the most grand walks, but little did I know it was actually a final procession.
Now coming back to the book, it talks about everything ones wants to know or already does know about one the most talked about princess of all times. I don't know about you but I always imagined a Queen to be like her, follower of traditions yet blazing her own path as well.
It is said that she broke the royal protocol and chose to stay with her son in the hospital, rather than follow the rules and leave about checking up on him. She participated in her son's school activities and even chose to run in the race with the other mothers. Unlike all the fiction shows we have seen, where in order for the greater good and also to hide embarrassment of the family women chose to stay with an unfaithful husband rather than divorce him but that isn't what she chose to do. She didn't go for the easy way and enjoy the life of luxury but opted to go for love.
There are very few people in the world I admire as much as I adore her. The book is written in very simple language and the style is very lucid. Essentially in three chapters it's talked about a lot of points, even though a few of the things I heard in the book were something that I didn't hear before.
Quick question- Shout out to all the real life hero Women, in my life and yours.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Review Diaries (My Ramyeon GirlNethra A)

Name of the book - My Ramyeon Girl
Nethra A.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars and a hug to whoever needs it.
My take on the book-
Sooo full disclosure, I started reading the book after seeing the cover, I mean look at it, need I say more?
Me, the ever hungry kid whose favorite color is red, started reading this gem with a bowl of instant noodles for company.
It's a very straight forward story, a story that can be anyone or any man's story. We all have people in our lives whom we adore and will have their back no matter what. Also we live in a society where, like a bee hive a lot of people act like drones, in other words follow rules mindlessly. It works like a dream team in the bee hive situation but in the human world, judging people just cause they might not follow a certain straight path or rather the conventional path.
I personally loved reading this one, cays I even after my noodles were finished, I still kept on reading and my heart did a happy little skip and jump at the very end.
*Takes a deep breath*
Am I the only one or can you too smell the cooked noodle in the air?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Review Diaries (Midnight Sun by Faiz Yusuf)

Name of the book - Midnight Sun by Faiz Yusuf.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Ever a get paper cut?
Hurts right?
Ever scrapped a knee?
Now combine them both and that the kinda of raw emotions you will see coming from this books in leaps and bounds.
I loooooooooooooved reading it, like every single word, every emotion it it brought forward. In times when it is easy to feel restless or even numb be ready to feel a plethora of emotions with this one.
Personally I adore poems but there is a big catch, the poems written in blank verses don't or rather didn't do it for me. One of my biggest influences, told me that rhyming and being lyrical are two different things, that a poem should be like a song, it should have it's own background score and this book had it in full.
The two parts of Dawn and Dusk reminded me of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience.
In short today was a good day with this gem of a book.
QQ(quick question)- Ever read something that left you feeling way too many emotions at the same time?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Review Diaries (Beyond The Night Before The Dawn by Nilesh Joshi)

Name of the book - Beyond The Night Before The Dawn by Nilesh Joshi.
Stars given- 4 in 5 stars.
My take on the book-
There are many few books that grip your attention from the get go, well it was awesome that this one was one of those beauties.
A playful couple that doesn't have their perfect ending, or do they?
What does a perfect ending mean anyway?
Trust me, when a book makes it's mark that in a way that you keep thinking about it ling after it's done, that's the one you need in your library.
The tone of the book was simple and smooth sailing, you won't be running off to your dictionary but at the same time it holds the mind of it's reader.
Quick Question- Given a chance, will you be knowing the future or relive the past?
Me? Ohhhhh I will simply go with the gift that's present.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Review Diaries (Wicked Desires by Vikrant Roy)

Name of the book- Wicked Desires by Vikrant Roy.
Stars given- 3.5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
I am a big fan of love stories.
A few years back I even had a read-along with a friend of mine that included lots of romances.
But this particular one is very different from the other romances out there, it's a erotic novel with many layers that one will get to know more and more about as they read the book.
This particular one is book 1 in the series and the story ends at a place that is very pivotal for all the characters in the book.
The story starts with this girl and her husband who after 2 years of marriage are still figuring things about each other. They have a easy relationship that has some issues that aren't created by themselves.
Every character has their own ideas and actual realities to deal with. Entry of a new person seems to bring about changes in the girl and her husband's lives. The language in the book was simple but there were places that I felt that it could be edited to make them better. Aside from this editing issue I do hope to know how the cliff hanger ends.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Review Diaries (26 Words by Smita Pal)

Name of the book- 26 Words by Smita Pal.
Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
How many alphabets are there?
That's the number of stories are there in the book.
Did I enjoy reading it?
Hell to the yeah!
There is something for everyone.
Every single story starts with an alphabet and each one shows us a different story.
There are many issues that are talked about in the book, some of them are social issues that we see in today's world, like every single day.
Be it people being abused, in the form of harrasement in the work place or unequal pay based on gender it covers it all.
There are also stories of social injustices like dowry and also toxic male ego that results in someone being targeted for an acid attack.
The stories make you think about it even after the book is done.
The language is very to the point.
There is no beating around the bush, it's there for you to see from the get go.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Review Diaries (Mahaveer: The Soldier Who Never Died by Rupa Srikumar & A.K. Srikumar)

Name of the book- Mahaveer: The Soldier Who Never Died by Rupa Srikumar & A.K. Srikumar.
Stars given- 5 on 6 stars.
My take on the book-
Ever read a book and cried or felt goosebumps?
Then this is the book for you.
After watching movies like Border, LOC or even Lakshya one tends to understand what our brave soldiers go through both on and off the field.
There is so much that happens which we have no idea about and here's to thanking them with my whole heart and soul.
Coming back to the book, it's very well written. There is no additional baggage or over the top big words. It's worded in a way that gives the reader a clear picture of the story as if movie is going on in their minds.
I dearly enjoyed it.
Hope you will too.
PS Hope everyone is doing well.
God Bless.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Review Diaries (The King of the Sea: A Metaphysical Novel and Musical Odyssey by Nandan Gautam)

Name of the book- The King of the Sea: A Metaphysical Novel and Musical Odyssey by Nandan Gautam.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars and a big hug from my side.
My take on the book-
Have you ever read a book and said to yourself that I want to be friends with that person?
Like the way they have narrated the story made you feel like you have known that person for years now and are almost in the stage of being BFFS?
Well that's the kind of feeling I had after finishing this gem, like the writer, who wrote not only in prose and poetry but showed us a lot about him.
Like an autobiography we are taken on a journey in his past that's spans through the ages.
Coming back to the book, the cover is bound to hold your attention once you catch a glimpse of it in a crowded bookstore, even with every book there begging for your attention. Next will the blurb that will hold your attention and finally the book itself will seal the deal.
Having a hopping 41 parts this book will keep you on your toes the entire time but one line struck with me, when the captain said that nothing lasts for ever. These past days have been tough on my mental health but this book with all it's metaphysical goodness has breathed new life in me. 
It's a big book, which might seem daunting to a few but take my word for it- you will not be bored nor will you be able to put the book down, not even once.
Andrew Marvel and John Donne were my favorites during my grad years and that love affair went on even after my masters and boy oh boy, this book did them proud.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Review Diaries (Stories Of Us: 41 Short Stories Of The Common Man By a Common Man by Bobby Sachdeva)

Name of the book - Stories Of Us: 41 Short Stories Of The Common Man By a Common Man by Bobby Sachdeva.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
As someone who is 2 weeks into house arrest cause I had a mild cold that first Sunday I am going through my TBR list like a jet plane on steroid fuel.
Short stories are like a big platter of many different tastes and textures and color and palate. It has something for everyone and bound to give everyone something to hold on to.
This book though made me sit up and think, my comfy reading nook felt like a comfortable prison and I wanted to go out and ask questions about what not but I stayed put and finished the book.
Social changes need to come in and soon, so hopefully with books like this that make you think will help take the idea a long way.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Review Diaries (The Rape trial by Bidisha Ghosal)

Name of the book - The Rape trial by Bidisha Ghosal.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
I normally take like 3 days max to finish a book but this one took a whopping 8 days for me to finish.
There were a lot of reasons behind it, one it's a big book granted, two the theme made me emotional and three it was something that can and may be was happened before and the worst part can happen to anyone in the future.
I mean there are so many evil creatures all around us who do bad things and get away with it.
What do we do?
Do we give up or die trying?
Should we just roll over and play dead?
Or go down swinging?
What is the 'right' thing to do?
There were times while reading this one that I cried cause I felt so helpless.
Then came anger, oh yeaps, I am mad, like so mad but in the end it gave me peace.
I would really like to point out that this was one big book so the Author deserves like a big kudos to have held it all together till the last page, last line and last word.
You go girl!

Friday, March 6, 2020


Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
So we all know that judging a book by it's cover is a big no-no for everyone but what can I say this cover made me drool a bit. 
At first glance you will see the red cover with white writings but on a closer look you see there is the face of a girl hidden there as if giving you a preview of what's to come, that one needs to dig deeper and figure out what's really going on.
And this is the theme that carries on in the book.
Having seen way too many crime thrillers and also being someone with a vivid imagination some things I called long before they were revealed in the story but the way it was handled had me wolf whistle, yeah what can I say I am gaga over nicely written stories.
All in all I am one happppppppy girl.
PS got an exam coming up. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Review Diaries (A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri)

Name of the book-  A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri.
Stars given- 4 on 5 stars
My take on the book-
Before I say anything else, this book brought back many good memories from my childhood.
It smelled amazing, don't know why but books now a days smell different- like technology.
So I adored reading this one from the first word itself cause it smelled aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing.
So the book starts with some all so awesome bantering, and since it's catnip to my feline soul- me likey!
Coming back to the book and the story, it almost felt like something out of someone's life story and not a fictional work in the least.
Remember reading The Last Leaf and being all confused and having questions- a few will be solved or at the least sorted here.
I for one loved it, not only cause the book smelled like my childhood or my heart melted when Diana called a drunk Karma 'Meri Jaan' this book gave me nostalgia is lots and loads.
Trust me going to go back for seconds soon.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Review Diaries (That Thing About You by Abhaidev)

Name of the book- That Thing About You by Abhaidev.
Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book- 
This is the second book I read based on Fate in a week and needless to say this was also very interesting.
Let's start from the beginning, I am a biiiiiiig believer in all things Fate, karma and the stars so nothing beats a good everything happens for a reason for me.
The protagonist is someone that can be put in comparison with that Ever Man that I read about during my grads.
I hated reading History of English Literature but this story kinda stuck with me.
Many of us go through things in life that at times makes us and during all the other times take us apart.
I personally feel that we should keep living our best version of life cause everything will sort itself out in the end.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Review Diaries (No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance by Mukesh Bansal)

Name of the book - No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance by Mukesh Bansal.
Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Imagine a self help book that does lots and loads more than it's name suggests.
It helps you not just in the immediate future but sets you up for a life time.
Over the years I have read many a self help books that make you focus on today, then tomorrow but rarely they point out practises that will help you have a great future ahead.
The language of the book was straight forward and crisp.
I really liked it.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Review Diaries (Love Letters with Spelling Mistakes by Vaijayanthi Subramanian)

Name of the book - Love Letters with Spelling Mistakes by Vaijayanthi Subramanian.
Stars given - 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Call me silly but a good cover and a fun name makes me fall in love with a book even more.
This book came in when I was on my way out… yes peps I take human vaccays as well as bookish ones.
So in went this one along with all my other necessities.
And out it came once I was safely in my seat.
But alas! this fellow book lover saw the cover and asked if I would let her read it for a few, to which I promptly quoted my cat Zombie and it went something like "Hisssss" which translated to hooman sounds something in the range in "get lost" and "not on your life".
I finished it within the 3 and half hours it took me to reach my destination.
This was one collection of short stories that make you think, even after you are done reading it you will be forced to think about it for a long time.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Review Diaries (The Third by Amar B Singh)

Name of the book - The Third by Amar B Singh.
Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
This is the second book I am reading by the author and needless to say I am liking the language of the book just as I liked the first one.
I, myself, am someone who writes my thoughts in my diary and the book felt like reading someone's priced diary.
This small book with some heavy hitting after thought was finished in a jiffy by me.
So glad that I did, cause now I am going to again start writing in my diary full time.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Review Diaries (Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman by Mehool Parekh)

Name of the book- Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman by Mehool Parekh.
Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book- 
So before we start I wanna say one thing, two major likeable characters in the book are Bengalis, so me kinda sorta liked them a bit too much.
Coming back to the book, as a part time sleuth(read fan fiction writer) I really adores the protagonist's interest in solving crime.
The writing was something that really caught my attention and I finished it all in less than 3 hours. My exam is on the 9th so trust me this was one unputdownable book.
Another thing I need to mention here, the protagonist was a grown up with an army background, so whatever you read him do…don't try this one at home. *Wink*wink*

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Review Diaries (A Week With Enya by Amar B. Singh)

Name of the book- A Week With Enya by Amar B. Singh.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars and a big hug to Enya.
My take on the book-
Once I saw the cover of the book I thought for sure that I was in for a fun filled poetry book. I mean look at it, it looks like freedom and in the end I did get some but of a very different kind.
This collection of poems is about the poet spending time with his daughter and trust me on this you wanna give this one a read.
Enya is special, not only for her special needs but also for she taught her father something very important which in turn he taught us though the poems. There are many different emotions that are discussed in the book but finally we are made to realize that one should always 'go with the flow' for there is no use swimming hard against this flow of time.
Thank you so much for making my day.

Review Diaries (One for Sorrow Two for JoyTino De Sa)

Name of the book- One for Sorrow Two for Joy
Tino De Sa.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Has there ever been this one place where you find peace?
Like you reach there and all is well?
For me it's always been Calcutta, wherever I go it's always her that I come back to. This book somehow made me feel homesick in my self proclaimed house arrest so I took a trip around my city. Thanks again for that.
Coming back to the book, it's one cool read.
There were things I found out that made me nostalgic as well, like Auntie Philu throwing red chillies in the fire to ward off the evil eye, something my Pamma which my nickname for my Thamma or grandma in my father's side.
And yes some stories made me a tad bit teary eyed and then there were times I smiled and giggled.
Honestly speaking it was an afternoon well spent.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Review Diaries (The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on by Abhinav Mishra)

Name of the book- The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on by Abhinav Mishra.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Remember those movies with a big star cast, lots of stories which in the end somehow make up a big picture about life, which were based on one big holiday or the other? Like Valentine's Day or New Year.
If you liked those, you will like this book too cause it is based on the biggest event of the century, that's called life.
I am a big believer in Fate and all things Karma.
I do believe what goes around comes around.
So, I had a whale of a time reading this book.
The language is awesome and so is the book cover, I mean who knew orange can look so appealing.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Review Diaries (The Veiled Universe : Cosmic Tales of Science Fiction by Rob Garnet)

Name of the book-  The Veiled Universe : Cosmic Tales of Science Fiction by Rob Garnet.
Stars given- 4 out of 5 stars.
My take on the book-
They say don't judge a book by it's cover but with this one I could not simply resist.
The cover is amazing, Me likey.
This book is through and through a sci-fi one.
There are so many different ideas there, that each one can be taken and made into movies… wow, that would be really exciting.
Pretty fonts, engaging stories and lucid language, do you need anything else to read a book?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Review Diaries (5 Minutes by Vrinda Singh)

Name of the book - 5 Minutes by Vrinda Singh.
Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
As the name suggests this book has different situations where characters go through changes that could have had seen a different ending had that five minutes been treated differently.
Our protagonist is someone who can be described as an 'every girl's. She is nice but goes through a lot of trouble cause of her niceness. Ragged by batch mates or blackmailed by someone she faces it all and being a scholarship student has to keep her studies in tact as well.
Help has always been there for her in one form or another but never been the one she actually needed in her life.
The story starts as thriller and also ends like one but in the middle of it all there is a lot of dramatic situations that many people, especially girls, face in their course of life.
There are times the story went a bit bland, and became a drag when she is in a relationship during her office years but the end kinda pulled the entire story together. In my opinion some editing will do this book good.
PS I finished it in half an hour, my newest record in 2020.
What did you do today?