Thursday, April 7, 2022

Review Diaries (Back Ender by Udayan Mukherji)

 Name of the book-Back Ender by Udayan Mukherji

Stars given - 4 on 5 stars. 

My take on the book-

Hellllllo... I am back with my 1st review of the year. Excited and elated! 

So those who know me know that I love a good cop story where there are cases to solve and criminals to outwit. 

This book was one of those reads that literally make you sit back and read. It follows it's own pace and gives you details in a very vivid way and sometimes too vividly. Like remember that one time you were telling someone a story and in the middle of it segue-wayed into some other story quite passionately. That second story became so intense that you kinda lost track of what you were talking about in the 1st place... Yeaps that happened but on a smaller scale. 

That's the only reason it got 4 stars out of 5.

Ps what's your new year resolution? 

Mine is to just do what my heart tell me to do! 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Review Diaries (Celebrating Small Victories by J.V.R. Prasada Rao)

 Name of the book - Celebrating Small Victories : My Journey Through Two Decades of AIDS Response

by J.V.R. Prasada Rao 

Stars given - 5 out of 5 stars.

My take on the book-

I started this on a friend's suggestion when I said I needed to take a break from fiction, I know that is so like me.

Standing in 2021 the words AIDS is still used in a very hush-hush manner. It's a taboo of epic proportions and many people are not aware of the situations but would rather just judge and be done with it.

The Author didn't just give us a story where he took on the world and lived happily ever after. He makes everyone aware and educates people. The data provided in the book is eye-opening in a very different level. The setbacks as we see him facing in the book are heart wrenching and I would love to send many virtual hugs to him for not giving up.

Read this one, it's bound to make you a better person.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Review Diaries (Name Place Animal Thing)

 They say Old Is Gold.

They are telling the truth.

I am part of the they...

I started this book in the middle of a strenuous work day. I wanted a little break and gosh I got my wish.

I was an only child and my Ma used to keep me occupied with tons of indoor games.

This one was played during the hot summers when going out and playing wasn't really an option.

The book brought back tons of old memories and I had fun. I even tried my hand in reading the book to my Mom, lost my voice in the process but I have absolutely no regrets.

The book combines this age old game with certain life lessons.

This is where the book makes it's mark.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Review Diaries (The Venus World)

 I started this one on my friend's recommendation.

It talks about a world where women have taken over.
Needless to say I finished it all in one go.
Very effective use of the plot by the author to show that anyone with too much power will end up in being bad over the time.
The characters had their own complexities and most of them had shown many facets of themselves irrespective of how much time they were in the story line.
It was fraught with so much lust and betrayal yet love and compassion that one can clearly take a clear lesson from the book that there are no good or bad people it's people's circumstances and where they stand with you or against you.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Review Diaries (Man Behind The Missing Machine)

 Imagine a book...

Now imagine a movie...

Now put them two together...

What do you get?

It's a book movie, not a screen adaptation of the book but a legit movie for your brain and that is what you get with this one.

It started with a bang, literally, only this one wasn't heart just felt deep in the heart. I love fast faced stories, they make my heart go pitter patter and K K was like the man to make it happen. There was love, romance and desire but also dark lust, betrayal and hated. So many different kinds of friendship and compadre were seen that it's bound to make you a tad bit teary eyed. Every page took story to a different height all together.

One thing I would have thought different was the whole old ahem flame coming back to backstab but it's wasn't true. May be my bestie is right, I am reading way too much mystery that everything looks ready to jump out and try and catch me.

Give this preeeeeeety a try, you are bound to love it 

Friday, March 12, 2021

Review Diaries (The Bitter Half by Simon)

 Name of the book - The Bitter Half by Simon

Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.

My take on the book-

This one was a major eye opener!

It made me sit up and take notice.

Many a times we hear things in the news but sometimes there is more to the story, that's for sure.

I am not one for giving out spoilers so I am going to just tell you what my feelings were after I was done with the book.

I was outraged with a few characters, their attitude, their audacity. I went to my Mimi to vent out my feelings and Baba heard me so he gave me an information that made my head spin. My father is an ex police officer and on hearing that I read a book about false statements and GD he said that this kind of cases are horrible and has greater aftereffects that many don't realize. A country like ours, where we still into victim blaming and shaming, many cases are not registered cause the family doesn't want any type of scandal and all that "Log Kya Bolenge". Then comes these people who are blackmailing families and making a quick buck out of innocent people which in turn makes people distrust other victims.

At the risk of sounding like some agony aunt moral police some things are just too sacred to be floundered away, trust, promise and commitment are such things. Do not abuse, be it with your words or your actions, be it someone's trust or situation.

That's all from my side.

Ps this book is very well researched.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Review Diaries ( Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss)

 Name of the book- Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss

Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.

My take on the book-

The story starts with an incident, one that is later explained, and this gets your mind to understand that this is bound to be an interesting read for sure.

Books on friendship and love have always been something that I love reading but as I grew up I understood the importance of forgiveness and open communication.

Many a times we lose out on a great relationship because we are scared to put ourselves out there.

This book has an amazing friendship story for sure but it also shows us that we need to forgive and forget our past to move on with our lives in a healthy way.

Holding on to the past helps no one, especially one who feels they have been wronged or we're not heard in the relation.

Quick question- When was the last time you held a grudge?

My answer- Yesterday, when a bird pooped on my aloe vera plant. I meowed at it till it flew away and promised retribution in the form of getting a pet cat soon.