Friday, January 31, 2020

Review Diaries (Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman by Mehool Parekh)

Name of the book- Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman by Mehool Parekh.
Stars given- 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book- 
So before we start I wanna say one thing, two major likeable characters in the book are Bengalis, so me kinda sorta liked them a bit too much.
Coming back to the book, as a part time sleuth(read fan fiction writer) I really adores the protagonist's interest in solving crime.
The writing was something that really caught my attention and I finished it all in less than 3 hours. My exam is on the 9th so trust me this was one unputdownable book.
Another thing I need to mention here, the protagonist was a grown up with an army background, so whatever you read him do…don't try this one at home. *Wink*wink*

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Review Diaries (A Week With Enya by Amar B. Singh)

Name of the book- A Week With Enya by Amar B. Singh.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars and a big hug to Enya.
My take on the book-
Once I saw the cover of the book I thought for sure that I was in for a fun filled poetry book. I mean look at it, it looks like freedom and in the end I did get some but of a very different kind.
This collection of poems is about the poet spending time with his daughter and trust me on this you wanna give this one a read.
Enya is special, not only for her special needs but also for she taught her father something very important which in turn he taught us though the poems. There are many different emotions that are discussed in the book but finally we are made to realize that one should always 'go with the flow' for there is no use swimming hard against this flow of time.
Thank you so much for making my day.

Review Diaries (One for Sorrow Two for JoyTino De Sa)

Name of the book- One for Sorrow Two for Joy
Tino De Sa.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Has there ever been this one place where you find peace?
Like you reach there and all is well?
For me it's always been Calcutta, wherever I go it's always her that I come back to. This book somehow made me feel homesick in my self proclaimed house arrest so I took a trip around my city. Thanks again for that.
Coming back to the book, it's one cool read.
There were things I found out that made me nostalgic as well, like Auntie Philu throwing red chillies in the fire to ward off the evil eye, something my Pamma which my nickname for my Thamma or grandma in my father's side.
And yes some stories made me a tad bit teary eyed and then there were times I smiled and giggled.
Honestly speaking it was an afternoon well spent.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Review Diaries (The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on by Abhinav Mishra)

Name of the book- The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on by Abhinav Mishra.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Remember those movies with a big star cast, lots of stories which in the end somehow make up a big picture about life, which were based on one big holiday or the other? Like Valentine's Day or New Year.
If you liked those, you will like this book too cause it is based on the biggest event of the century, that's called life.
I am a big believer in Fate and all things Karma.
I do believe what goes around comes around.
So, I had a whale of a time reading this book.
The language is awesome and so is the book cover, I mean who knew orange can look so appealing.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Review Diaries (The Veiled Universe : Cosmic Tales of Science Fiction by Rob Garnet)

Name of the book-  The Veiled Universe : Cosmic Tales of Science Fiction by Rob Garnet.
Stars given- 4 out of 5 stars.
My take on the book-
They say don't judge a book by it's cover but with this one I could not simply resist.
The cover is amazing, Me likey.
This book is through and through a sci-fi one.
There are so many different ideas there, that each one can be taken and made into movies… wow, that would be really exciting.
Pretty fonts, engaging stories and lucid language, do you need anything else to read a book?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Review Diaries (5 Minutes by Vrinda Singh)

Name of the book - 5 Minutes by Vrinda Singh.
Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
As the name suggests this book has different situations where characters go through changes that could have had seen a different ending had that five minutes been treated differently.
Our protagonist is someone who can be described as an 'every girl's. She is nice but goes through a lot of trouble cause of her niceness. Ragged by batch mates or blackmailed by someone she faces it all and being a scholarship student has to keep her studies in tact as well.
Help has always been there for her in one form or another but never been the one she actually needed in her life.
The story starts as thriller and also ends like one but in the middle of it all there is a lot of dramatic situations that many people, especially girls, face in their course of life.
There are times the story went a bit bland, and became a drag when she is in a relationship during her office years but the end kinda pulled the entire story together. In my opinion some editing will do this book good.
PS I finished it in half an hour, my newest record in 2020.
What did you do today?