Thursday, February 25, 2021

Review Diaries ( Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss)

 Name of the book- Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss

Stars given- 4 on 5 stars.

My take on the book-

The story starts with an incident, one that is later explained, and this gets your mind to understand that this is bound to be an interesting read for sure.

Books on friendship and love have always been something that I love reading but as I grew up I understood the importance of forgiveness and open communication.

Many a times we lose out on a great relationship because we are scared to put ourselves out there.

This book has an amazing friendship story for sure but it also shows us that we need to forgive and forget our past to move on with our lives in a healthy way.

Holding on to the past helps no one, especially one who feels they have been wronged or we're not heard in the relation.

Quick question- When was the last time you held a grudge?

My answer- Yesterday, when a bird pooped on my aloe vera plant. I meowed at it till it flew away and promised retribution in the form of getting a pet cat soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Review Diaries (A Love Fest by D. J. Syngai)

 Name of the book- Q Love Fest by D. J. Syngai.

Stars given - 10.5 on 5 stars… yes you read it right…

My take on the book-

Before anything else let me gush about this preeeeeeety book cause oh my heart it's soooooo amazing. Another reason I am so partial to this book is cause I have a sari of the same color, it's like the book choose me… it's fate. This is a Writer's Workshop book where this limited edition gold-embossed, hand-switched, hand pasted and hand-bound book was assembled.

Yes the book is very impressive and the poems make you feel so many emotions, just like a poem should.

My personal favorite, I know I shouldn't pick favorites cause it's not a very grown-upy thing to do, but #suchamanalithingtodo ,was Not Looking to Gatsby. This one resonates with me in a way that I can't possibly express in words, it's a feeling of knowing something is wrong for you and yet craving it after you yourself have pushed it away.

Oh my Lord!

I sound like a raving lunatic but love if a poem doesn't move you to madness did you even read one? Was it even a poem in the first place?

Ps one thing I personally would have loved even more was if instead of blank verses all of them were in rhymes…

Monday, February 8, 2021

Review Diaries (The Exit Game)

 I just finished The Exit Game and oh my Lord, it was amazing.

A few days back I heard a kid say that a book is a movie for your head, one that you can turn on any time you want to and that's what I got with this book. All the characters were well formed and so life like, wink*wink, see what I did there, play of words me so good at it.
Reading this book felt like watching science fiction movies where you needed to spin a latto to see if it's all real or if you are in a stimulation...
Cue in the goosebumps...
Trust me when I say this, I am so coming back to read this one again.
Ps eagerly waiting for book 2 though.