Thursday, April 7, 2022

Review Diaries (Back Ender by Udayan Mukherji)

 Name of the book-Back Ender by Udayan Mukherji

Stars given - 4 on 5 stars. 

My take on the book-

Hellllllo... I am back with my 1st review of the year. Excited and elated! 

So those who know me know that I love a good cop story where there are cases to solve and criminals to outwit. 

This book was one of those reads that literally make you sit back and read. It follows it's own pace and gives you details in a very vivid way and sometimes too vividly. Like remember that one time you were telling someone a story and in the middle of it segue-wayed into some other story quite passionately. That second story became so intense that you kinda lost track of what you were talking about in the 1st place... Yeaps that happened but on a smaller scale. 

That's the only reason it got 4 stars out of 5.

Ps what's your new year resolution? 

Mine is to just do what my heart tell me to do!