Thursday, November 14, 2019

Review Diaries (Guru Nanak Shah Faqir Hindu Ka Guru Musalman Ka Peer by Principal (Dr.) S.S. Minhas)

Book - Guru Nanak Shah Faqir Hindu Ka Guru Musalman Ka Peer
Author - Principal (Dr.) S.S. Minhas
Stars given - Well, I give it all my heart. How does that sound?
My take on the book-
I am someone who has Faith, in lots and loads.
I believe there is God and for me She is my Ma.
I have been taught by my Nani and Mimi that Ma is there for me, always. She will give me love and affection and guide me through thick and thin in life. Technically my love for Ma is something that I inherited.
There is another thing that I got from these amazing women in my life and that is love and acceptance and have always kept an open mind towards ideas that are different from mine. Be it about religion or any other believe, make it a point to know more and adopt all the good that I hear in them.
This book made me realize so much, it was informative and very heart warming. 
We all know that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the first Sikh Guru, did anyone of you know that He traveled far and wide?
He went to Kashmir, Leh, Tibet and also to Sikkim and also visited Rome. There are many amazing stories about those visits, my favorite being about the demon He defeated in the most peaceful way.
Loved it.
I have attached the meaning of the MOOL MANTRA.
PS having Faith is something that makes me feel strong and have courage. It might not be the same with you and I will never force my belief or Faith on you, but you certainly can't stop me from saying a little prayer for you.
Yes, that's Me.

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