Friday, November 8, 2019

Review Diaries (The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni)

Name of the book - The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars.
My take on the book-
Before I start with my take on this one, I wanna say something.
Remember that smell that we all go gaga over, the one that we book lovers are always waxing poetry on?
This book had it, it bucket loads.
I read and smelled and lost myself in this thriller.
Most books, nowadays don't have that breath arresting smell to be honest.
Firstly cause I am opting to get myself ebooks, doing my part in saving the environment.
And secondly the paper used is different, for the books that I am getting.
Now enough of my love for the book and now for the story. It's awesome, the cover does justice to the blood drenched story in it. The characters are well portrayed and I adored it.
It was the best 5 hours of my life,when I saw a movie in my head, all the while smelling the amazing book smell.
PS I have decided, I will get myself a perfume that smells of books.

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