Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Review Diaries (Temple Classroom by Puja Roy)

Name of the book - Temple Classroom by Puja Roy.
Stars given - 5 on 5 stars 
My take on the book-
I read this one in a day, actually no scratch that, I finished it in less than 2 hours.
Today was moving and painting day for me, so lots of work and dust and what not. I so needed a break and lo & behold comes this book delivered right at my door steps.
Like OMG! Cute cover and I jumped, rather dived right in.
The stories, yes lots of bite sized short stories, and I just gobbled them all up.
I liked the Author's style, she took people from every day life and gave us stories that we can almost see and not just read.
I just had one issue, but that again is an issue I have with short stories in general and that is that you never know what happens in the end.

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